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Service Dog at GMS

February, 3, 2017

Dear Gorzycki Community,

This letter is to inform you that there will be a service dog on our campus during the school day. This service dog is trained to perform tasks for the benefit of one of our employees and will be under the employee’s supervision at all times.

The name of the service dog is Harvey, and he is a black Labrador Retriever mix. Harvey will go everywhere with his handler, so that he can help if needed. We will see Harvey at assemblies, in the hallway, and in some classrooms, but please remember that Harvey is working. We do not want to interrupt this, so please do not call Harvey or try to pet him.

If your student has an identified allergy to dogs, please contact me as soon as possible. My contact information is listed below. Additionally, if your student is afraid of animals, please note that Harvey will only be with his handler and will not have direct contact with the students.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


Cathryn Mitchell, Principal


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