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Welcome to the Gorzycki Counseling Corner
We will update this site as we get information that may help students and parents


(Course #) Name on Course Verification -Name on Choice Sheet


(018884R) INV CAR AG I Investigating Careers in Green Agriculture

(018434R) GRAPHIC DSN CAR – Intro to Journalism

(018447R) GRAPHIC DSN CAR 2 - Yearbook

(018402R) EXPLORING CAR – Exploring Careers

(018424R) BUSINESS CAR – Business Careers

(018416R) MEDIA/ANIMAT 1 - Video game design

(018417R) MEDIA/ANIMAT 1 - Media Production

(018418R) MEDIA/ANIMAT 2 – Graphic Animation & Design

(018426R) TECH CAREERS 1 - Engineering Design Challenges

(018406R) INV CAR CUL 1 – Culinary Arts

(016317R) OUTDOOR 7 – Strength and Conditioning

(016318R) OUTDOOR 8 – Strength and Conditioning

(011626R) THEATRE MS 1 – 6th grade Theater

(011636R) THEATRE MS 1 – 7th and 8th grade Theater 1

(011627R) THEATRE MS 2 – 7th and 8th grade Theater 2

(011617R) THEATRE MS 2 – Movie Makers

(011638R) THEATRE MS 3 – Theater Production

(011618R) THEATRE MS 3 - Intro to Technical Theater

(015026R) ART MS 1 – Art 1 7th and 8th Grade

(015127R) ART MS 2 –Art 2 7th and 8th Grade Art

(015128R) ART MS 3 – Art 3 7th and 8th Grade

(018429R) MFG/CONST – Construction Manufacturing Careers / Woodshop

(015337R) BN MS 3 STL DRM – Steel Drums

(015518R) INST/VOC MS 3 – Jazz Band

(018432R) PWR/ENERG/TRAN – Rocketry

Student Self-Serve:
Online registration for the 2017-2018 school year is NOW open.  
Please go to the parent cloud at https://my.austinisd.org/LoginPolicy.jsp to complete the registration for new students and the verification for returning students.
If you are a new student, please see tab on right hand side of this page for the list of documents you will need to provide after you complete the online registration.  Testing information for new students is also included on this tab.
Check out the Austin Oaks 2017 Parenting Series - click on the Parent Workshops tab on the right. 
8th Grade Parent Night - Get Ready for High School Video:

Social Media and Our Kids

Stay informed about social media issues such as cyber bullying, tips for parents to talk about social media, and how to protect your family from the negative impact of social media. Camera and video capability are powerful tools and require common sense. Let’s talk to our teens about when and where these tools are appropriate and empower them to use good judgment.

Please follow these links for more information from the experts:
Teaching Kids to Be Smart About Social Media
Facebook, Instagram, and Social - Common Sense Media
How Using Social Media Affects Teenagers | Child Mind Institute
Talking to Your Kids About Social Media Safety- University of Texas

DO foster a culture of conversation in your family from the beginning.
DON'T make social media a forbidden fruit.
DO keep the conversation age-appropriate.
DO make your teen the expert.
DON'T belittle your teen's interest in social media.
DO talk about your own social media use, if applicable.



Student Record Request:  If you are in need of records such as report cards or STAAR result, please email
edna.reyes@austinisd.org with your specific request. These request will be fulfilled within 48 hours of receiving the request. If student is applying to a private school, please submit the form from the school and we will send the records directly to the school requesting them.  


Schedule Changes:
Request for a course selection change should be made through the grade level counselor. Due to staffing restrictions, it may not be possible to honor all schedule change requests. If an emergency exists, contact the appropriate grade level counselor. Schedule change requests can be made within the first ten days of school for one or both semesters. However, “change of mind” requests will not be made.