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Keyboarding Proficiency Test » Overview



Spring 2017 Keyboarding Proficiency Test Registration   

Gorzycki Middle School administers the proficiency test once a year in January.  Here is the 2017 testing schedule:

Part 1 - Typing (1 day)

6th grade: Tuesday, January 17th

7th grade: Wednesday, January 18th

Make-up day: Thursday, January 19th


Part 2 - MS Office (2 days)

Monday, January 23rd and Tuesday, January 24th

Make-up days: Wednesday, January 25th and Thursday, January 26th


The test is offered during our 6th period Excel class. 


Keyboarding Proficiency Test Study Guide


AISD expects that all students will be proficient in keyboarding as well as certain technology concepts and skills before entering 9th grade. To assist students in meeting this expectation, the following opportunities are available to middle school students: 

  • Passing a keyboarding class or another substitute class during middle school.  At GMS the substitute classes offered are Video Game Design, Graphic Animation & Design (name changed for Digital Art class), Media Production, Business Careers, and Intro to Journalism.
  • OR Passing keyboarding during summer school before grade 9, 
  • OR Demonstrating proficiency on a district-developed keyboarding equivalency assessment.


Gorzycki Middle School offers students who are not already enrolled in Keyboarding class an opportunity to take the Keyboarding Proficiency Test this semester to meet the keyboarding requirement. Any student who has not taken the Keyboarding class, or a substitute class, or passed the keyboarding test before the end of their 7th grade year MUST take Keyboarding in their 8th grade year.


~NOTE: Please do not assume that just because you have signed up for a substitute class, you do not need to take the proficiency test. If you do not end up being placed in a substitute class before your 8th grade year, you will be placed in a keyboarding class.

Information about the test content and performance standards can be found in the Keyboarding Proficiency Study Guide above.


You can test your typing speed (25 wpm with 80% accuracy is needed to pass) at http://www.speedtypingonline.com. Use "Random Facts" text and type for 5 minutes.


If your questions have not been answered here, you may email Ms. Finkler at carolyn.finkler@austinisd.org.