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Gorzycki Middle School fully embraces the world of 21st century learning. Beginning with the 2013-2014 school year, we have implemented a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) initiative. Students will be allowed to bring and use their tablets, smartphones, and e-readers during class instruction. Our goal is to allow students to develop real world research, communication and collaboration skills in instructional settings. Gorzycki is lucky to have a number of laptops and iPads, but we feel that allowing students to bring their own devices will increase the amount of technology available on campus and allow students to use devices they are already familiar with.

What does this look like in the classroom?
• A student in science asks, “Just how far away is Neptune?” Instead of providing the answer, the teacher responds, “Why don’t you take out your phone and look it up?
• Students in Language Arts “tweet” in the style of the poet they are studying.
• Math students use whiteboard apps to practice a new formula.
• Students in history work at their own pace to learn about the American Revolution.
• Students photograph notes and agenda boards to help them keep organized.

Please note the following:
• Students are NOT required to bring a device. Bringing a personal device is completely voluntary. We have technology on campus for students who do not have a device or students whose parents feel that it is not appropriate for them to bring their devices to school.
Devices may ONLY be used in teacher directed activities. There are consequences, including confiscation, for students using their devices in inappropriate ways or at times when the teacher has not allowed them. For more information, please see the Consequences for unacceptable conduct section for the attached Addendum from Student Technology Equipment Assignment.
• Students are responsible for their own devices.

For more information regarding appropriate use and expectations, please refer to the
Gorzycki Standards for BYOD.