1st Period Science

Mr. Kevin Laughlin
6th Grade

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Actively Learn- Please Create a FREE student account

Please go to and create your free student account. We will have learning extensions through this website. PLEASE DO NOT start any modules until Monday when you get a chance to look at the Blend VLO's that will be posted at 11 am Monday morning. You will need to use the class code that is assigned to your science period below when you create your student account. 

Class codes are below:

1st period- es3ui

2nd period- gb2ui

3rd period- ghhuu

4th period- esnuu

5th period- grhui

8th period- 1abh8

How to sign up for Remind

The instructions are all the same for every class the code changes depending on which class you are in.
1st period- Code- laugh01
2nd period- Code- laugh02
3rd period- Code- laugh03
4th period- Code- laugh04
5th period- Code- laugh05
8th period- Code- laugh08
if you have any questions PLEASE email me at

Week of 9/9/19

Monday- Finishing E-C-M-M posters and turning them in
Tuesday- Take Quiz over Matter-Elements-Compounds-Molecules-Mixtures-counting elements and atoms in a chemical formula
Wednesday-color code periodic table- Metals-Nonmetals-Metalloids notes
Thursday-finish M-N-L notes- Periodic table scavenger hunt
Friday- Metals-Nonmetals-Metalloids Lab