Boys' Athletics (Period 1st)

Course Description

Remote Learning Updates:

In an effort to Maintain your athletic fitness and our progress this offseason please attempt to exercise and move every day. You may access weekly at home workouts starting the week of April 6th on your class blend page:

Please feel free to email me with any questions or if there is anything that we can do to help



Athletic Policies and Procedures



The following information is in addition to the athletic policies in the AISD Athletic Handbook and is designed to answer questions parents or athletes may have concerning expectations of the Athletic Program. This information can also be found on our Gorzycki website under the Athletics tab at



Philosophy and Purpose


In the Gorzycki Athletics Program, student-athletes are given the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports and earn the privilege of competing. We believe that winning is a by-product of character, hard work, and uniting as a team to achieve a shared goal. The Gorzycki athlete is someone who excels in the areas of academics, leadership, respect, and responsibility. They display a positive attitude towards themselves, their teammates, competitors, and authority figures. The purpose of the program is to provide athletes with quality coaching that instills these values. We strive to create a team environment, develop character while modeling it ourselves, and improve skill level. Our goal is to help the athletes be successful both on and off the court.





Throughout the school year, all athletes must maintain a passing grade in all classes for each six weeks. Coaches will be periodically checking grades during each grading period. If a student is failing at the end of the six weeks, they are ineligible to compete in games or be included in any game-day activities. However, they may still practice. If the failed grade(s) has been improved to passing at the three-week progress report, they are again eligible to play.





It is our philosophy that all athletes represent the athletic program at all times. We expect athletes to remain true to our values and characteristics throughout the day, not only at school but also in our community. Poor conduct will not be tolerated. Coaches will communicate with teachers and staff in regards to the athletes’ behavior. If the athlete receives any negative comments about their behavior or is assigned detention/in school suspension, the athlete may lose playing time. Severe or continuous misbehavior may result in being removed from the athletics class and placed in P.E. Consequences are given at the coaches’ discretion.


ALC: If the athlete is involved in a sport, they will be released from the team for the rest of the season.

The athlete will fulfill all the requirements of ALC. Once requirements are fulfilled, then the athlete, parents, and coach will meet with the Athletic Coordinator to discuss their future in athletics.





Each athlete in our athletic class will be required to wear a Gorzycki t-shirt along with appropriate athletic shorts and tennis shoes. Athletes should wear shirts and shorts in our school colors (orange, black, white, grey). Long hair needs to be tied back and jewelry should be removed.



Lost Equipment


Each athlete is responsible for the care of any athletic equipment that is issued to them. The team coach will inform parents and athletes of any equipment that may need to be purchased separately. The athlete will be required to purchase equipment that is lost or damaged. If equipment is repeatedly lost or damaged, there will be consequences. No equipment will be issued for the next sport until all the previous sport’s equipment has been turned in or paid for.




An individual’s tardiness affects the entire team and thoughtfully planned practice. Please demonstrate punctuality values by getting your child to practices on time.



Missed Practices


It is important that all athletes be present at every practice. Please try not to schedule appointments during practice times. If your child is unable to attend practice for any reason, please contact the coach as soon as possible so the coach can make necessary adjustments. Missing practice may result in a loss of playing time. Extra-curricular activities are excused absences as long as the coach has approved them. It’s the athlete’s responsibility to communicate upcoming conflicts with the coach in advance.   


Multiple tardies or missed practices may result in a loss of playing time at the coaches’ discretion.



Game Day


For home games, athletes will be expected to sit with their teammates in a designated area of the gym/field to watch their teammates play until it is time for their own match/game. Athletes who have finished playing are expected to stay and watch the next match/game.

For away games, the same procedure applies as with home games. If the athlete is not riding the bus home with the team, the parent/guardian will need to sign out on the sign out sheet before they leave. Please do not ever take your child without signing them out. Your child may only be released to their parent(s) or legal guardian unless there is a signed note releasing them to someone else. Once we get back to GMS, they may ride home with anyone you wish without a note.


We ask that parents and athletes be respectful of coaches by making sure that rides are prompt before and after all athletic events. Please drop off /pick up all athletes in the back of the school building (near the track and gym) before/after practices and all other athletic events.





It is the athlete’s responsibility to report illness/injuries to their coach. To be excused from participation, a parent note is acceptable for three days. However, after that, a doctor’s note is required. Please provide a date(s) on the note to specify how long the athlete needs to be excused. Athletes will do an alternate assignment to stay involved. Athletes will be allowed to see the high school trainer before or after school for injuries if needed. Please check with coaches about scheduling an appointment to see the trainer. Supplementary insurance is available for an injury that occurs while participating in a school sport. Please ask a coach for the necessary form.



Addressing Concerns


Please remember that coaches must consider the needs of the team as well as the individual. When there is a concern, please follow these steps toward a resolution:

  1. Have your child talk to the coach first. Quite often, this can resolve the problem, and the athlete learns responsibility and communication skills as well. 
    2.   After your child has already talked with the coach, contact the coach via phone or email if the problem needs to be addressed further. A meeting can be scheduled if necessary.
    3.   Contact the GMS Athletic Coordinator if speaking with the coach did not resolve the issue. He/She will schedule a time with you, the coach, and the athlete.





Do not approach a coach to discuss concerns before, during, or after a game. Emotions can run high during those moments, so you must wait until the next day to make contact. Coaches’ contact information is listed on our website at

Authorization for School Publications

Gorzycki Middle School Athletics maintains webpages and prints materials throughout the year. These mediums are used to highlight student accomplishments and parent involvement. We believe that publication of these pictures on publicly accessible websites assists us in promoting the success and benefits of our school. By signing the Athletic Contract, you have acknowledged that you understand the content and meaning of this and give permission to Gorzycki Middle School Athletics to use photos of yourself and/or your child/children at GMS Athletics’ discretion.



Athletics Grading Policy


75% Participation


- Following Directions                       - Best Effort

- Sportsmanlike Behavior             - Positive Attitude


25% Prepared for Class


- Securing Personal Items                - 100% Dressed Out

- In Assigned Area on Time




Athletic Code of Conduct


  • Follow all AISD and Gorzycki Middle School rules and procedures.
  • Abide by the standards set forth by the University Interscholastic League.
  • Respect yourself, your peers, and all school staff.
  • Take care of the equipment issued to you and our facilities.
  • No cell phones or other electronic devices in the locker room.
  • Make sure the bus, locker room, and cafeteria after team meals are clean.
  • Gum is not allowed on the courts or fields.
  • Wear the proper uniform daily.
  • Be present and on time to practice, games, and your classes.
  • Be a student first, then an athlete. Put forth your best effort in the classroom.
  • Understand the game and work hard to compete at the highest level.
  • Put the team first.
  • Be coachable, positive, and encouraging.
  • Win with humility, lose with grace, and never give up.
  • Treat your opponents with respect. This includes abstaining from taunting, trash talking, or making derogatory or vulgar remarks to them
  • Treat game officials with courtesy and respect. Do not argue calls and keep your emotions in check.
  • Represent the school, our program, team, and community in an honorable manner at all times.