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Ms. Emmaleigh Toto
8th Grade

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UPDATE! Please read carefully and let me know if you have any questions. 

During our time away from campus, each Monday, I will be posting weekly virtual learning opportunities online.   Please submit all of your responses by 10 am each Friday so I will have time to review your input and provide feedback.  Some of these assignments might happen in Google Classroom initially, but we will be moving to BLEND more and more as we close out the school year. 

Most virtual learning opportunities will be presented in the NEARPOD platform.  Be sure to follow all of the directions as you progress through, knowing you can exit at any time and pick back up the next time you log in.  Regardless of how much you engage in, please complete the google form at the conclusion of each week. 

I know how much I (and many of you!) enjoy our weekly Wednesday Wise Words and Thursday Thoughts.  I am going to include a link to these each week - just for fun - in addition to the virtual learning opportunities as well.  I'd love to hear your feedback if you'd like to share!  

My 'official' office hours are daily from 8am to 10 am, Monday through Friday.  My email address is: 

Feel free to email me at any time!