3rd 6 Weeks Grading Period, Please Click to Read

This is the 3rd 6 weeks grading period. This grading period runs Nov 9th to Dec 18th. The last day for students to submit work for this grading period is Dec 14th by 3:40 pm. Anything submitted after 3:40 pm on Dec 14th will not be counted toward the 3rd 6 weeks grade. Missing work will be reflected in their grade. Work turned in after the deadline will be graded and applied retroactively to the appropriate grading period within a reasonable timeline. It is the student’s responsibility to submit missing work, notify the teacher when it is submitted, and request a grade change.

Please make note of these dates and share them with your student. Gorzycki students are expected to complete work on time to the best of their ability. Completing work on time keeps students progressing in their learning, helps them develop a sense of responsibility, and allows for timely grading and feedback. We understand that sometimes there are valid reasons or accommodations for late work and we request that students learn to communicate with their teachers when they will be late with their work. Even so, we will follow the above guidelines regarding late work.


Suggestions for students who are having a hard time completing work on time:


1) It is vital for students to remain on the Synchronous Zoom calls, without distraction, for their entirety.  These live Zoom calls are the live instruction and directions that go hand in hand with what the teachers are asking the students to complete during the asynchronous times.  We are finding that many students who are struggling to determine what is due, or where to turn in an assignment, were simply not present during the Zoom call (or were 'there' but were also on a phone or playing a game) and didn't hear the clearly stated directions.  It is difficult, but our virtual learners need to treat the Synchronous class time with the same posture they would if they were face-to-face in the classroom; phones down, games off, focus on the teacher.  The expectation is not that students would be able to navigate this system and teach themselves during this time.  


2) Students who are confused should stay on during the asynchronous time to ask questions and get clarification.  The teachers are readily available during this time to clear things up.  If a student is waiting until the end of the day or week to review assignments, it may be difficult to even remember what he/she was trying to clarify. 



3) Students should do their best to actively participate in class to learn and engage with the material that is being taught. Whenever possible, students should have their videos on. Teachers are working diligently to develop engaging lessons for both online and in-person learners and they want all students to engage. 


Lastly, we feel the need to remind parents and caregivers that emails or phone calls to teachers should be conducted in a respectful and professional manner. When teachers reach out about a missing assignment or anything related to your student's learning, they are doing so because they care about your student's success and well-being. If you are dissatisfied with anything regarding your student's education, please reach out to the administration with your concerns. 


Cathryn Mitchell, Ph.D

Diane Gorzycki Middle School Principal ​



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