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Welcome to the 2014-15 School Year

Dear Gorzycki Students and Parents,

The first day of the school year is upon us! On Monday August 25th you will officially start the 2014-2015 school year! Are you curious about what will happen on the first day? Are you wondering what you should bring to school? Keep reading if you want answers to your questions.

When you arrive at school you will need to look at the class lists that are posted on the front entry windows as well as on the cafeteria and commons walls to locate your name. The names will be in alphabetical order by grade level. Your first period class and location will be listed next to your name. Make note of them since that is where you will go when the school day starts. Once the 8:10 am bell rings you will report to your first period class where you will receive your class schedule.

Sixth graders will gather in the cafeteria prior to the 8:10 am bell ringing. Seventh and eighth graders will gather in the commons. The older students will be released prior to the 8:10am bell ringing to alleviate overcrowding in the hallways. Once they have cleared out of the commons, administrators will dismiss the sixth graders from the cafeteria. There will be teachers, counselors and administrators out in the commons and school hallways throughout the day to assist students in finding their classrooms. Staff will be highly visible in the hallways throughout the first week of school to continue to provide assistance to students. The school day officially begins at 8:15 am.

For the first day of school you will need to bring paper, pens and pencils. Student planners will be sold before school and during the lunch periods in the cafeteria starting the second day of school and continuing throughout the first week. They are $5.00 and it is required that every Gorzycki student have one. You will be able to carry a backpack during the first week of school. Locker distribution will begin the second week of school and locks will be sold by the student’s 6th period teacher during the second week. School locks are $5.00 and they are required.

You will follow the regular bell schedule all week with the first bell ringing at 8:10 am and the ending bell at 3:30 pm. All students will have an eight period day with an assigned lunch period.

We look forward to having a successful start to the new school year and we are anxious to see you! This will be a great year, and always remember our motto, “Gorzycki Tigers excel today and lead tomorrow!”

Mrs. Bauerle and the Gorzycki Faculty and Staff

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