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To ALL 6th Grade Parents - Immunizations for 2015-16

January 16, 2015

Dear Parents/Guardians of 2015-16 seventh grade students:

All seventh grade students in Texas public schools are required to have the following immunizations before they begin school in August, 2015:

Tdap, MCV, and Varicella #2:

1. Tetanus, Diphtheria and acellular pertussis-containing vaccine (Tdap).
Students in the seventh grade will be required to have a booster dose of Tdap if it has been five years since their last dose of a tetanus-containing vaccine.

2. Varicella Vaccine (Chicken Pox): All students entering 7th grade will be required to have 2 doses of varicella vaccine. A written statement from a parent (or legal guardian) or physician attesting to a child’s positive history of varicella disease (chickenpox), or of varicella immunity, is acceptable in lieu of either dose of varicella vaccine.

3. Meningococcal Vaccine (Meningitis) one vaccine is needed.

It is highly recommended that your child receives these immunizations on his/her well visits during their 6th grade year. Please send a copy of the updated immunization record as soon as the immunizations are received to the School Nurse or fax it to: #512-841-8757.
It is not necessary to wait until August of their 7th grade year to submit the records to the school. (Please note: It should not be submitted to the school with the physical exams for sports try-outs.)

If there is a conscientious objection to the student receiving immunizations, please contact the Texas Department of Health to obtain the appropriate documentation.

If there is a medical reason a student may not be immunized, a written statement by a U.S. licensed physician is required.
All state requirements may be found at http://www.dshs.state.tx.us/immunize

If you have any questions, please call the Gorzycki Middle School Health room at:

Thank you,

Pat McKendrick, RN Scott Kvapil
Elizabeth Peralez, Student Health Asst. Interim Principal
Gorzycki Middle School Health Team
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