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Gorzycki Middle School

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Traffic Concerns

Traffic safety remains a concern.  Please remember that information related to arrival and dismissal are posted on the Gorzycki website.  Here are a few problem areas:
1.  In the morning and afternoon: DO NOT STOP on Slaughter Lane to allow a student to get in or out of your vehicle.  You must follow arrival procedures.
2.  In the afternoon, pick one lane to pick up a student.  Do not jump lanes.  The lanes empty one at a time, refill, and than another lane leaves.  Once all three lanes have emptied and refilled then all the lanes are allowed to load.  The students load into the three lanes and then one by one the lanes start the cycle again.  
3.  Encourage your student to look for you during the afternoon releases.  Do not text to let students know you are in the line. 
4.  Parents dropping off/ picking up in the back parking is not encouraged.  A reminder:   passing a school bus, while unloading/unloading is illegal. Regardless if the stop sign is out.  As of  Monday February 08, 2016 cameras have been mounted on the buses! No more warnings are to be given according to the AISD. 
5.  The school buses have the right of way when they are on campus.  Once the 3:30 bell has rung, you must wait until the buses have departed.  You may not cut in between them.   This includes the special passes for parents who pick up their children in the back.


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