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Cell Phones Prohibited in the Locker Room

Dear Parents,

Today’s students depend on their phone more often than not, it's a wonderful tool and hopefully here to stay.  However, we want to make sure students are responsible with their phones at school.  The GMS administration and athletics department have come up with a preventative and proactive plan to help with our students in the locker room.  

 A locker room phone policy has been in place since GMS became a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) school.  We want to remind students and parents that phones are strictly prohibited in the locker room. There are many places in school where phones are welcomed; the locker room is not one of them. Coaches will take up any phones in view while students are in the locker room. The district policy on confiscated phones is a 48hr hold and a $15.00 fine.  Please talk with your children and make sure they understand this.  Coaches will remind students daily on the importance of safety and responsibility in gym class and the locker room.


Thank you,

GMS Administration & Athletics







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