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GMS Summer Reading Requirements and Expectations (click for link)

Each grade level is assigning ONE book to read this summer. Students will have an assignment, linked below, related to the book assigned. Students are expected to read the assigned book and complete the assignment before school begins.
In addition to the assigned book, 8th-grade students will also be required to read a second book of their choice from a list.
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Good to Know: Immunization Registration

As you prepare for the back-to-school season, we want to remind you that students must have their immunizations before the first day of school on Aug. 18. Otherwise, you will be asked to obtain the needed vaccines for your child before the student is allowed to return to learning. Up-to-date immunizations can be sent to Michelle

For resources on free and low-cost vaccines visit

Statement from the Board President on behalf of the AISD Board of Trustees
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GMS Student Lockers

Gorzycki Families,

At this time, the district has not given us permission to obtain items from regular student lockers, only gym lockers. Students will be able to retrieve their things once our faculty and staff is back on campus. If and when we get the "ok" to allow students to pick up their items we will be sure to let the Gorzycki community know. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please have a safe and healthy summer!
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New Procedures at GMS

March 20, 2018

Dear Gorzycki Families,

Family involvement at GMS is important and a huge part of the culture. However, after reflecting on the safety protocols at Gorzycki, there are a few procedures that need to be added to increase campus safety. The following procedures will be made effective starting on Monday, March 26th, 2018.

1. When visiting a student on campus, the visitor must be on the student's registration form. This will be a new procedure for lunch. For lunch, visitors must be on the student's registration form and eat in the commons with only that student. For efficiency, parents may make a reservation by sending a note in the morning with their child stating that they will be on campus for lunch. Students can submit the note before school (like when students leave during the day) and the office will check status.

2. During the school day, visitors are only allowed through the front doors in order to check in at the office before entering areas with students.

3. The visitor’s badge given to you by the office staff when you check-in must be worn on your shirt and must be easily visible for the entirety of your visit. Badges will identify specific locations for visitors. Visitors must remain in the area specified. Visitors without badges or that are in the wrong area will be escorted to office. Please remember to sign out in the office before leaving Gorzycki.

4. When on campus, do not open any outside doors for another person.

5. Visitors need to park in parking lots and not in fire lanes.

I realize that these are new procedures to practices that have been in place at Gorzycki for many years. However, the safety of your children is a priority and these protocols add another layer of protection. Visitors not following these safety procedures will be asked to leave the campus and might be prevented from future visits.

I appreciate your support and help in providing a safe campus for our students.

Cathryn Mitchell, Ph.D
Diane Gorzycki Middle School Principal
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