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State & Federal Accountability Report & AISD Budget--Please Click

Important Information Regarding the AISD Budget

Take a moment to read through the attached information regarding the AISD Budget for the coming year:
. Topics addressed are School Funding, Budget Priorities, and information addressing school closures and staffing levels.

Also attached is a flyer for 3 town hall meetings regarding budget priorities for AISD:
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Important Information from the GMS Nurses

We are sending out the attached information regarding Pertussis (Whooping Cough) due to several recently confirmed cases in the SW Austin area. The medical director for AISD is asking for increased awareness for all families due to the highly contagious nature of Pertussis. Please review the attached information and contact a health care provider with any of these signs/symptoms. Currently, there are no confirmed cases of Pertussis at Gorzycki. Please call the health room at 512-841-8620 if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Jessica Bram, RN and Sarah Meeneghan, RN

Gorzycki School Nurses
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After School Events--Parent Pick Up

Parents as a reminder...
Students need to be picked up within 10 minutes of the end of an after school activity. This includes athletic games, dances, practices, etc. If a parent fails to pick up their student, AISD Police and an administrator are notified if either aren't already in attendance at an activity. Late pick up may result in students being denied the privilege of attending upcoming after school events. More information related to after school activity expectations can be found on pages 8 - 9 in the GMS student planner.

Athletic events do not have a set end time, especially volleyball games. Administration and AISD Police tell all students during the last game to call home. If a student is waiting until after the game is over to call home, they are not following directions and probably will not be picked up within the 10 minute expectation.

As another reminder, GMS administration does not attend all athletic events, only the ones that are considered home games. This means events at Burger Stadium/Gym may not have a GMS administrator on site. This is a large facility and students could be monitored by another AISD administrator and Police Officer.

Thank you,

Cathryn Mitchell, Ph.D
Diane Gorzycki Middle School Principal
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