Remote Learning Updates:

In an effort to Maintain your fitness and progress from this year please attempt to exercise and move every day. You may access weekly at home workouts starting the week of April 6th on your class blend page. Please see your individual class period's page for a specific link to your class workout.

Please feel free to email me with any questions or if there is anything that we can do to help.

I will be checking and replying to emails regularly and will be available for  daily office hours from 9-11am Monday - Friday

Welcome to your online classroom! On this site you will be able to link to your class to view assignments, lessons, and upcoming events. Please see below for contact info and conference times.


Email: eric.fourmy@austinisd.org
Phone: (512) 841-8626
Room Number:Boy's Coaches Office
Conference Periods: M-F 2nd (9:17-10:03am) & 6th (1:11-1:58pm)



Test Tuesday 09/25/2012!!!!!!!!!

Test will cover Unit 1 review Material as well as:

1. Decimal Operations

2. Fraction Operations

3. Unit 2 Vocabulary

TEST TOMORROW 9/11/2012 !!!!!!

Don't forget to Study for your Unit One Test on Tuesday 09/11. The Test will cover:

1. Converting / Comparing and Order Rational Numbers

2. Scientific and Standard Notation

3. Integer Operations

4. Unit One Vocabulary