GMS 6th grade math students and families:

Moving forward, I would like to direct students to BLEND for both correspondence with me, and our math work.

STUDENTS: Go to your AISD portal and log into Blend.  This week we will focus on being in touch with each other using the inbox feature of Blend.  I have a bunch of jokes and kitty pics to share with you!

Next week we get to start doing MATH together again!  I CAN’T WAIT!!!


Phone: (512) 841- 8676
Tutoring: Wednesdays and Thursdays during 6th period
Room: 608
Email: robyn.a.christensen@austinisd.org
Team: 6-1
Welcome Gorzycki Tigers! I am excited to start the 2019-2020 year with the incoming 6th graders!! I will be teaching 6th grade math this year. I have worked for the district for twelve years, both inside the classroom teaching math, and also as a peer observer for the Office of Educator Quality.  This is my fifth year with the Gorzycki community and I am thrilled to be here!
This is my website. You can come here to find out what we did when you are absent, get informed about upcoming events and projects, and download notes and assignments.
I offer student support during Tiger Tutoring in 6th period.  Students should see me to get a stamp in order to attend tutoring.
The best way to reach me is email.
I'm looking forward to a great school year!





Recent Posts

Test Tool Card

Hello Tigers!  Students were given a 4 by 6 inch note card today.  This card is blank, but can be completely filed in my students who are wanting to have additional support during Wednesday's assessment over fraction operations.  Students can use the card however they would like (rules, notes, example problems) to best support them this week.  No other resource can be used during the quiz.
Please email me of talk to me during class if you have any questions.
Y'all are going to rock this!

Device Tomorrow!

Hi Tigers!
We're going to do a few Kahoots during class tomorrow, so if you have a device, bring it!  
No worries if you don't have one, I have a few extras or we can buddy up. 

Unit Quiz Next Wednesday, 11-1

Hello all!  Tigers and Tiger families, I gave everyone the heads up regarding our quiz next Wednesday, and I wanted to reinforce the message here.
We will complete all new content for the integer operations unit tomorrow.  I will also return yesterday's open note quiz for students to review and correct.  We will spend Monday and Tuesday practicing these all of the skills from our unit and reviewing for the quiz.  
I realize that Tuesday is Halloween and some of our pumpkins will be celebrating.  I regret the timing of the quiz, but as next week is the last week of the 6 weeks, we are moving forward with the scheduled assessment.
Students are advised to begin their preparation for the quiz starting tomorrow!  They will have all of the tools they need to be ready. 
Study early, and have a blast on Halloween!

Open Note Quiz on Wednesday!

Covering addition and subtracting of integers, including models and vocabulary.

Unit Quiz on Friday!!

Hello Tiger families!  
We will have our first unit quiz Friday over the data unit.  Students will review in class tomorrow.  This is not an open note quiz so I encourage students to study their math spiral and past assignments.
Y'all are going to rock it!

First Quiz on Friday!

 Hi Tigers!
The start of the school year has been awesome!  We will have our first quiz on Friday, and you are welcome to use your spiral on this assessment. :) 
The quiz will cover mean, median, mode, range, and statistical questions.

Math Spiral!

 Hi tiger families!  I'm getting excited to meet all of you and start off another awesome year.  It has come to my attention that the spiral we use for math over the course of the school year was left off the 6th grade supply list.  We use our math spirals every day and each 6th grader needs one for math class.  
***Please note that there IS a 3 subject notebook in the pre-package of supplies that some families have ordered.
Please get a spiral that is:
  • multi subject 
  • includes folders
  • 9 in by 11 in is preferred
  • Bonus points if the spiral comes with flags to separate units! :)
Here is an example of a great spiral:
Thanks everyone and see you soon!