About Me

This is my second year teaching at Gorzycki, and I love being a part of the tiger family! GMS is the perfect place to work because of the awesome students and staff. 
I grew up playing sports and am thankful to also be a coach at GMS (volleyball, soccer, and track) - which is a great way to connect with students in meaningful ways. 
I graduated with my Bachelor's degree in Special Education from UT in 2018 (hook 'em!) and love working with middle school aged students. 
Before moving to Austin for college, I grew up in Beaumont, a city close to the Louisiana border in Southeast Texas. My family has since moved to the Houston area, so I try to spend some time there as well.
 During my free time, I like to take my two dogs to parks around Austin; our favorite is Turkey Creek Trail in Emma Long Park! I also enjoy trying out a bunch of Austin's best restaurants with my husband; we LOVE the food scene in Austin!
Please reach out to me if you need anything!
*OFFICE HOURS: During this time we are not in school, I will have "office hours" available Monday through Friday from 9:30-12:30 AM. In this time range, I will be at my computer to answer emails/questions and help out in any way I can, in real time. Please feel free to also email me at any other time but know it may take up to 24 hours for me to respond. Take care of yourselves and let me know if you need anything! 


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Study Skills Info - Meeting for Parents of Students in Study Skills (Special Education Study Skills, only)

Study Skills Information Meeting for Parents

When: Thursday, September 12th at 5pm
Where we'll meet: Room 815, the Study Skills Classroom
Who is invited: parents of students enrolled in a Study Skills class (via Special Education; Teachers: Garcia, Conroy, Brisco only)
What we'll cover:
Supporting our students is a team effort. At this meeting, we'll discuss ways that The home teammates and the school teammates can support one another when it comes to the organization, planning, and task-management tools used within the Study Skills classes.  How should your student's planner look when they arrive home? Where will you find any completed tasks and/or homework items for the evening? What resources should my student be familiar with when it comes to looking for assignments, checking grades, or asking questions of staff? 
We'll take time to look at the unique tools and supports used within the Study Skills class, itself. We'll discuss, as a team, ways that a dependable, structured homework routine can help us strengthen your student's study and organizational skills. We'll also aim to answer any questions you might have about our classes and/or supports.
Please RSVP to this event!! by emailing Andrea Skola at andrea.skola@austinisd.org by Wednesday, Sept. 11th.
Thank you!!

Gorzycki Special Education Feedback Form

Hi Parents and Families! 
I have included a link to a feedback form below that allows you to give input on the Gorzycki Special Education program(s). Having your feedback is so helpful for planning a new school year.
The form is anonymous, however, you may provide your name at the end of the survey if you would like. 
Please let me know if you have any questions. 
Link to the survey: