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Contact Information
Phone: (512) 841-8786
Ms. Bryant's Daily Schedule
Period 1       8:25-9:12       Math STAAR Improvement (6th)
Period 2       9:17-10:03     Math STAAR Improvement (7th)
Period 3      10:08-10:54    Study Skills Elective (6th, 7th, and 8th)
Period 4      10:59-11:45    Math STAAR Improvement (8th)
LUNCH B 11:45-12:15
Period 5      12:20-1:06      Planning Period
Period 6      1:11-1:58        EXCEL (6th)
Period 7       2:03 – 2:49    Study Skills Elective (6th, 7th, and 8th)
Period 8       2:54-3:40       Planning/Conference Period
I'll be posting everything for the Math STAAR Improvement and Study Skills elective courses through BLEND!  You can access the BLEND courses through your AISD Cloud or by the link next to the appropriate class.
Math STAAR Intervention:
Study Skills BLEND courses:
Period 3 and Period 7 BLEND courses are https://aisdblend.instructure.com/courses/196544 (Semester 1 Only Course), https://aisdblend.instructure.com/courses/177155 (Semester 2 Only Course), or https://aisdblend.instructure.com/courses/211401 (Year Long Course).