8th Grade Science - Coach Houser

I'm very excited to welcome you to 8th Grade Science at Gorzycki Middle School! Get ready for a fun adventure as we explore Chemistry, Physics, the Universe, Biology, and much more! 
My Weekly Class Calendar is posted below. The website for this class will be through BLEND. Students and parents will have individual logins to access all of the information. Students and parents start here:
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Weekly Class Calendar

Scroll to the bottom to see the most recent week :


September 16-20

Monday -Mini Presentation of Atom Models, Color Periodic Table and Discuss, Metals/Non-Metals/Metalloids - half page of notes

Tuesday - Finish up notes, Metal/Non-metal/Metalloids PPT, Kahoot Practice

Wednesday - Practice Quiz, Card Sort Practice, Quizizz Practice

Thursday - Six Weeks Test - our version - MAJOR GRADE

Friday - Six Weeks Test - District version (not a grade) - LAST DAY OF SIX WEEKS


September 23-27

Monday - Go over Test, Brain Pop - Periodic Table, Electron Shells Notes

Tuesday - Periodic Trends notes, Valence Electrons Worksheet

Wednesday - Half Sheet Periodic Table coloring, Missing Person Assignment

Thursday - Finish Missing Person Assignment, Connect the Dots half sheet, Elements / Compounds notes, Practice counting atoms half sheet

Friday - Number of Atoms in a Formula Worksheet, Mystery Elements Clues Worksheet, Coefficient Lab sheet


September 30 - October 4

Monday - Finish Atoms in a Formula WS, Balancing Chemical Equations notes, Start M&M Lab

Tuesday - Finish M&M Lab, Reactant and Product Notes

Wednesday - Atoms in a Formula WS Due, Conservation of Mass Lab, Review for Quiz

Thursday - Chemical Equations QUIZ, Finish Conservation of Mass Lab Questions

Friday - Grade Quiz, Forces and Motion Video (finish any assignments during this time)


October 7 - 11

Monday - Brain Pop - Balanced Forces, Forces Notes, Types of Forces Notes, Forces Powerpoint

Tuesday - Balanced and Unbalanced Forces Worksheet

Wednesday - Brain Pop - Acceleration, Change in Motion notes, Card Sort

Thursday - Video - Speed and Velocity Guy, Speed Calculation Notes, Speed Worksheet

Friday - NO SCHOOL!!!


October 14 - 18

Monday - NO SCHOOL!

Tuesday - 3 Question Warm Up, S, V, A Guided Practice, S, V, A Matching Cards, S, V, A Worksheet (front only)

Wednesday - Brain Pop - Newton’s Laws, Newton’s Laws Notes, Start Mini Labs - 1st Law

Thursday - Finish Mini Labs, Newton’s Sketchnote, Newton’s Laws of Motion Worksheet (green) - In Class, Force and Acceleration - HW

Friday - Newton Car Lab, RERUN will be assigned for this lab (DUE 10/24)


October 21 - 25

Monday - Finish Newton Car Lab, RERUN Time, Homework Time, Quiz Review (Quizizz, Quizlet)

Tuesday - Study time, Force and Motion Quiz

Wednesday - Speed Time and Distance Graph, Motion Graphs 

Thursday - Hallway Lab, Worksheet, RERUN DUE TODAY

Friday - PE and KE Notes, PE and KE Worksheet, Phet simulation - Energy Skate Park


October 28 - November 1

Monday -Types of Energy Video - students have time to finish their PE/KE assignment during this, MRS. CENT notes, Energy Transformations

Tuesday - Review for 2nd 6 Weeks Test: Quizizz, Quizlets, Catch Up Day

Wednesday - Study Time, 2nd Six Weeks Test

Thursday - Go over Test, Six Weeks District Test, Halloween Surprise!

Friday -Brain Pop - Earth’s Rotation, Rotation and Revolution of Earth notes - LAST DAY OF 2ND SIX WEEKS


November 4 - 8

Monday - Brain Pop - Seasons, Earth’s Tilt Diagram,  Seasons Powerpoint

Tuesday - Reasons for Seasons Video, Seasons Notes, Brain Pop - Solstice and Equinox, Solstice and Equinox notes

Wednesday - Computer Day, Link: Why do we have seasons?, Direct Sunlight Globes and Models

Thursday - Graphing Activity, Seasonal Lag Graph

Friday - Seasons Stations, Review for Quiz on Monday


November 11 - 15

Monday - HOMEWORK DUE!, Study Time, SEASONS QUIZ, Cookie Monster Clip on Moons

Tuesday - Moons Basics notes, Moons Half Sheet,  Moon Drawing, Moon Card Sorts

Wednesday - Brain Pop - Moons, Moon Worksheets, Video and Simulations on Chrome Book

Thursday - Oreo Cookie Lab, Moon Poster

Friday - Moon on a Stick Lab


November 18 - 22

Monday - Sun / Earth / Moon Prediction Worksheet, Moons Review Questions, Moon Simulation, Quizlet and Quizizz

Tuesday - Study Time, Moons Quiz, Tides Video

Wednesday - Tides Brain Pop, Concept Map, Tides PPT , Bay of Fundy Video

Thursday - Spring Tides notes, Modeling with sting, Graphing Activity

Friday - Tide Warm Up, Tides Worksheet, Quizlet/Quizizz Practice


December 2 - 6

Monday - Finish Tides

Tuesday - SCIENCE & MATH MOYS, Review (Schedule that day: MOYS and Lunch, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th)

Wednesday - READING MOY, Review (Schedule that day: MOY and Lunch, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th)

Thursday - Review for 3rd Six Weeks Test

Friday - 3rd Six Weeks Test, Introduce Sustainability Project


December 9 - 13

Monday - Sustainability Project Day 1 - *Who's bringing the poster board?

Tuesday - Sustainability Project Day 2 - *All sheets should be finished

Wednesday - Sustainability Project Day 3 - *Important check in day on progress

Thursday - Sustainability Project Day 4 - *Finish planning and work on board

Friday - Sustainability Project Day 5 - *Work on board


December 16 - 20

Monday - Sustainability Project Day 6 - Work on Board, Last Day!

Tuesday - Sustainability Project Presentations

Wednesday - Sustainability Project Presentations

Thursday - Sustainability Project Showcase, Stars Video



January 6 - 10

Monday - NO SCHOOL!

Tuesday - NO SCHOOL!

Wednesday - Break down boards, Brain Pop on Stars, Life Cycle of Stars notes and diagram

Thursday - Notes on massive stars, Crash course - massive stars, Crash course - black holes

Friday - HR Diagram, HR Diagrams video


January 13 - 17

Monday - HR Diagram Brain Pop, HR Diagram Stars practice, HR Diagram Worksheet - Class work

Tuesday - HR Diagram Practice - white boards, HR Diagram Interactive Website, HR Diagram Worksheet - Homework

Wednesday - Living HR Diagram, Card Sort

Thursday - Turn in homework, Review for Quiz

Friday - Study time, Stars Quiz, Begin Electromagnetic Spectrum


January 20 - 24


Tuesday - Warm Up - Bohr model, Brain Pop - EM Spectrum, EMS Notes, Nearpod

Wednesday - Big Bang notes, Half sheet diagram/notes, Universe Expansion Lab

Thursday - Brain Pop, Doppler Effects - EMS Video, Spectra Scope Lab outside

Friday - Blue Shift/Red Shift, Doppler effect video, Doppler effect diagram


January 27 - 31

Monday - EM Spectrum Worksheet (Due Wed), Dopper & Shift notes, BP, Galaxies

Tuesday - Warm Up, Universe Video, Practice Test

Wednesday - Warm Up, Test Review, Quizlet & Quizizz Practice

Thursday - Study Time, UNIVERSE QUIZ



February 3 - 7

Monday - Topographic Maps notes, Topo Diagram, Study Time - GimKit and Quizizz

Tuesday - Study Time, Universe TEST, Worksheet - Topo Maps Homework

Wednesday - GMAC Pedometer, Topo Maps profile drawing, Topo Maps Practice

Thursday - WED Notes, 5-8 Assignment

Friday - Satellite Images


February 10-14

Monday - Finish GMap Pedometer Assignment, Fusion reading, Intro Topo Map Project

Tuesday - Independent Practice/Vocab sheet, Topo Maps Card Sort, Topo Maps rough draft


Thursday - Topo Maps Project Time - I'M OUT TODAY SO PLEASE BEHAVE!

Friday - NO SCHOOL!!!


February 17-21

Monday - NO SCHOOL!!!

Tuesday - Time to finish Project, 3 Videos, Rock Type Reminder Notes, Layers of the Earth Diagram

Wednesday - Plate Tectonics / Continental Drift notes, Harry Hess discussion, Worksheets

Thursday - Boundary types diagram, Boundary Types notes, Worksheets

Friday - Faults with Food Lab