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Ms. Pawlicki 6th and 8th science

Hi! My name is Ms. Pawlicki and this is my 14th year of teaching. I will be teaching 6th and 8th grade science. In my free time I like to travel, hike, run and spend time with animals. 

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Topo map example.
Please refer to this example of a topographic map if you need help with the project. 
Hi 8th graders in my 2nd period class! Your final project for this six weeks will be due on FRIDAY November 1st! You will have all class period on that day to finish. Please see my example. Make sure you have all the parts of the project completed. 
I have assigned an atomic theory timeline project for my 8th grade resource class. I provided all of the materials they need to produce a timeline. I encourage them to be as creative as they can. It is due Friday 9/13. The project needs to be done during excel or at home.