TEMPORARY OFFICE HOURS: M-F 9-11 am. During this time, I will definitely be at my computer, checking my emails and responding in real-time. 
You can also call me on my Google phone number: 512-766-9781

I decided to put my COVID Chronicles stream onto a separate page.
Look at the navigation menu.

I am excited to join the Gorzycki Tigers and look forward to getting to know all of my students and their families. As we settle into our new routine together, I will share more information and resources. 

I've created an Amazon Wishlist of items that would be helpful for organization and teaching. 


  • Period 1: Conference
  • Period 2: 6th Grade
  • Period 3: 6th Grade
    A Lunch
  • Period 4: 6th Grade
  • Period 5: 7th Grade
  • Period 6: EXCEL
  • Period 7: Conference
  • Period 8: 7th Grade
Students are encouraged to seek help when needed. 
Students must see me
in advance to have their agenda stamped to be able to attend tutoring. 
Where: room 509
When: 6th period

Afterschool: by appointment T, W, Th 3:45-4:30