Magic the gathering is a card game similar to Pokemon in the sense that there are thousands of different cards.  Players should bring their own decks and cards but if you come to learn how to play there is also 1 pre-made deck for use.
Dates: 2nd & 4th Fridays** Casual play/tournament standard.  Once every 6 wks there will be a draft tournament.
Times: 3: 40 pm to 5 pm
** Due to an Athletic commitment we are not having MTG @ GMS until Friday September 20. Stay tuned for announcements!
For questions please see Mr. Coach Mahoney in room 514
Magic: The gathering will be taking a brief hiatus for the month of January and part of February. We will hopefully be able to have a couple of Wednesday club meetings. I will make announcements for Excel when a Wednesday date is chosen. In case you are wondering why the hiatus, I am currently coaching girls soccer for the next 4 weeks, which includes Friday practice. I reached out to other teachers to host, but could not find anyone. Sorry about the break, but please know, MTG @ GMS will return!!
Magic The Gathering returns this week! Join Mr. Mahoney in room 514 Wednesday from 3:45-5:00. No experience is necessary to attend. Come hang out, learn how to play, and enjoy a great card game with your fellow Gorzycki Tigers!