The cafeteria serves both breakfast and lunch. Breakfast is served between 7:50 and 8:10 AM and there are three lunch periods. Students may purchase lunch or bring lunch from home.  
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What are the meal prices?
Breakfast: Full Price: $1.50, Reduced Price: $.30, Adult:$2.25
Lunch: Full Price: $3.05, Reduced Price: $.40, Adult: $3.75
Where do I eat?
You eat your meals in the cafeteria. You should sit down at a table while eating and drinking. You may also eat in a designated area at the invitation of a teacher or administrator.
How can I pay for lunch?
In a addition to cash, you may prepay a lunch account for your child (see the For More Information section below). Cash payments are accepted in the cafe from 7am-2pm. The cafeteria does not accept personal checks.
Charging Policy

If students exhaust their meal accounts, they may charge meals at any meal service as follows:

  • Students in elementary and middle school may charge up to three meals.
  • Students in high school may charge up to two meals.
  • Students may not charge á la carte items.

Charges shall be paid in full before a menued meal is offered. Once the charge limit is reached, if the account is not replenished, the student shall receive a courtesy meal. There is no limit to the number of courtesy meals a student may receive. 
Cafeteria staff will work with campus administration to identify students’ eligibility for free or reduced-price meals.

Notification of Low and Negative Balance and Collection of Funds

AISD shall notify the household of a student with a low or negative meal balance and request payment by letter and email. Automatic phone calls shall be administered no more than once per week.

Payment of Delinquent Meal Charge Debt

Donated funds received throughout the year, when available, will be used to offset negative account balances. At year end, activity or other local funds are used to offset negative account balances.

Can I go off campus for lunch?
Students are not allowed off campus for lunch on their own. Parents are welcome to pick up their student for lunch, but those who return late to campus will be marked as unexcused tardy or absent depending on the time of return.
What happens next?
Students are dismissed from the cafeteria by tables and must work together to make sure their table and floor are clean before leaving. Students who make a mess in the cafeteria will be expected to clean it up and may also receive lunch detention and an assigned seat if problems persist.
For More Information
Please contact the GMS cafeteria manager, Bill Raup at 512-841-8628 for more information.