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School Policies » Lockers


When will I get a locker?
Lockers are issued to students at the beginning of the year after all necessary forms are completed and returned to the office.
How do I get a lock?
Students will need to purchase a combination lock from the school for their hall lockers. A locker will not be available during lunch the first several days of school. A locker will not be assigned until the lock combination is on file with the office. School locks can be opened with a special key if there are combination problems. Non-school purchased locks will be removed from the lockers necessitating the purchase of a new lock by the student.
Can my locker be searched?
Lockers remain under the jurisdiction of the school even when assigned to an individual student. The school reserves the right to inspect all lockers. Searches of lockers may be conducted at any time there is a reasonable cause to do so, whether or not the student is present. The school will conduct locker checks several times during the school year. (See Searches).
Is my locker a safe place to keep things?
A student has full responsibility for the security of the locker and is responsible for making certain it is locked and the combination is not available to others. You should not bring valuable items to school or large amounts of money. (See list of things to be left at home.) Each student is responsible for keeping his/her assigned locker clean both inside and outside.
Where do I keep my backpack or purse?
Due to safety concerns, backpacks and purses will not be allowed in the classroom once lockers are assigned. Backpacks and purses must be kept in the student’s locker until the 3:40 bell. Backpacks with wheels are difficult to manage and do not fit in our lockers and are therefore, not recommended.
When can I go to my locker?
Students will have access to their lockers between classes. Access to lockers after school hours will not be allowed except in extreme emergencies. Be sure you have everything you need when you depart for home.