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Go, Slow & Whoa Guidelines

"GO" foods consist of those lowest in fat, no added sugar, and are less processed than other foods in the same food group. Go foods consist of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, fat free and low fat dairy products with no added sugar.

"SLOW" foods are higher in fat, sugar, and more processed. Slow foods include reduced-fat plain milk and dairy products, reduced-fat meats, refined grains and Go foods that are prepared with added fat or sugar.

"WHOA" foods are highest in fat, sugar, and most processed. Whoa foods include whole milk, fried foods, and foods prepared with large amounts of added fat and sugar.

A healthy diet consists mostly of GO foods, fewer SLOW foods, and rarely WHOA foods. All foods can be eaten in moderation, and some foods can become a WHOA food if eaten in large quantities