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The Campus Advisory Council (CAC) is an advisory body that offers guidance and counsel to the Principal. The Council consists of Gorzycki Faculty, the Principal, Parents, Community Representatives, and Business Representatives. All meetings may be attended by the public and are open to comment.
CAC meetings will be held in the GMS library and will begin at 3:45 pm.

What if I'm interested in serving on a Campus Advisory Council?

Membership of Campus Advisory Councils is determined at the campus level. Download a standard membership application. Completed applications should be submitted to your campus principal. Detailed information on membership criteria is contained in the CAC Bylaws.

2019-2020--CAC DATES:
CAC Community Members:
CAC Faculty Members:
Welcome, Call to Order
Public Comments 
Member selection and roles
New Dress Code Discussion
New Accountability for GMS
Vaping/Use of e-Cigarettes 
CIP Professional Development Plan update
Principal's Report
PTA Report

I. Welcome, Call to Order - members introduced themselves

Thanks for volunteering!


II. Approval of minutes from last meeting – we will add this to our agenda


III. Public Comments – no one signed up


IV. Celebrations -

· 6th grade HUGE class has started off well!! Dr. Mitchell is open to new ideas for presentation ideas.

· Enrollment is up 80 students this year compared to last. We have hired an additional ELA, Science, and Social Studies teachers. We are working on their schedules and will move students asap.

· Cross country!!

· 8th grade will be 1:1 by the end of September!!!!!! Then we will roll down the extra equipment to the other grade levels J

· New Staff – awesome group


V. Roles and Responsibilities: Member selection and roles: co-chairs: Bonnie Reedy and Tom Cook (thank you Bonnie and Tom!!)

Note Taker: Emily Mazac


VI. New Dress Code Discussion – we agreed as a CAC to have the School written code for GMS. Differences b/t ours and the district – no torso showing, no undergarments showing, no hats

BYOD changes – seems to be working well –clear to parents and students alike – fewer issues for sure!


VII. New Accountability for GMS – we maintained our Exemplary status!

STAAR Scores are rated as: Approaching, Meeting , Masters

Based on STAAR scores: if they do not improve their STAAR scores, they drop in the growth measures. At GMS, we had surprising lack of growth in Reading and Math. Categories: Limited growth, meeting growth, exceeding growth. 15% of our total population did not show growth.

We have identified the students in Math and Reading who have limited growth and will work on (as a staff) on the students.

We need to change the messaging about STAAR – it’s not that you passed, but that you show growth.


VIII. Vaping/Use of e-Cigarettes – Major concern - we’ve seen headlines. Perhaps the nurses can become involved with prevention education for our kids. Intervention is also necessary. New law that all tobacco products can only be purchased by those over 21.

We need to continue the conversation on this campus – we need to inform the students about the harmful effects!


IX. CIP Professional Development Plan update

Identifying kids who have not met growth will be a part of the CIP. The CIP is different this year. It looks at different data. It should be ready by the next CAC meeting.


X. Principal's Report - CIP and growth factors addressed 


XI. PTA Report – Melissa Lamm is new PTA rep.

· No more school supplies from PTA – works just fine without it

· Wednesday 9/18 PTA general meeting – Cyberbullying topic

· Technology Drive is currently happening – ends September 20th.

· Glow Dance Sept 17th – 6th grade


XII. Adjorn 4:57 p.m.