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The Campus Advisory Council (CAC) is an advisory body that offers guidance and counsel to the Principal. The Council consists of Gorzycki Faculty, the Principal, Parents, Community Representatives, and Business Representatives. All meetings may be attended by the public and are open to comment.
CAC meetings are typically scheduled every 3rd Monday of the month at 3:45 p.m. at Gorzycki Middle School and are open to all parents. 
CAC Community Members:
CAC Faculty Members:
Welcome, Call to Order
Seat New Members
Nominate Positions
Public Comments and Celebrations
Principal's Report
CIP Professional Development Plan
A2 PW - Human Sexuality and Responsibility Tracking
PTA Report

Campus Advisory Council

Monday, September 17, 2018


I. Welcome, Call to Order – introductions

How to get into building after school – back parking lot, doorbell on back door – no badge required b/c after hours


II. Seat New Members – need a parent co-chair (responsible for sending out agenda each month after checking with Dr. Mitchell for additions to agenda)

Thomas Cook! Thank you for volunteering to be the new co-chair for CAC!

Looking for a community volunteer to add to the board


III. Public Comments and Celebrations

* Great start to the new year – big 6th grade class – which means we did a great job recruiting last year! We would like to keep our numbers over 1300 students (in order to keep 3 Aps)

* Great compliments from parents at Back to School Night

* State Accountability Ratings - We are one of the top schools in the district

* We did not get as many distinctions as other campuses that are similar to us in size/population. Dr. Mitchell is in discussion with teachers/admins to address that

* Supplies and lockers went smoothly this year!



IV. Principal's Report

District Of Innovation Days – First one is September 24, 2018 It will be a Professional Development day at GMS.

October 8th – middle schools will meet

January 3rd – GMS data

January 4th – whole vertical team

February - 8th grade teachers will go to Bowie, 5th grade feeder teachers will come to GMS


Geometry class going great! 45 students taking geometry.

French class going well.



V. CIP Professional Development Plan

Work in process – due late October. Same areas we did last year. We did NOT meet the district accountability rating in math – small demographic.


VI. A2 PW - Human Sexuality and Responsibility Tracking

District is updating their curriculum for Human Sexuality and Responsibility. Taught through science in May. There is an option for parents to opt out as well as a date for the parents to come see the new curriculum ahead of time.

Dr. Mitchell will further research and see if there is more information needed.


VII. PTA Report

* Big turn out at the first PTA meeting!

* Dance for 6th grade coming this Friday! Need volunteers and food/drink donations.

* Discussion of school wide volunteer service day – discussion of having a volunteer fair where students can see different volunteer

* Love your School fundraiser is coming in November- funds for BIG purchases. Ideas? Let Dr. Mitchell know.

Suggestion –water bottle filling fountains for every hallway



Discussion on Facebook page to pull funds together to get teacher gift cards. Can parents put a donation request in the Google Group? We have to be careful b/c we don’t want to compete with PTA in fundraising. People may want to make donations, but they don’t know how.

Maybe can go through PTA?

Ms. Flores and Ms. Williams will look into organizing.


Email Dr. Mitchell or Bonnie Reedy if you have anything to add to the agenda.


Next meeting October 15, 2018


Call to Order
Public Comments and Celebrations
Principal's Report
CIP Plan discussion
 PTA Report

Campus Advisory Council

October 15, 2018


I. Call to Order – attendance


II. Public Comments and Celebrations

Pride Week

Homecoming week

2 girls volleyball - will play for championship if they win tonight

Diane Gorzycki tribute performance

DOI September– full staff PD, department meetings, plannings


4 parents spoke up: we are new to school – no advance notice of Pride week – last year we wore rainbow colors every year, students use derogatory comments about gays. Admin communication next year should be better. Propose something to be done during the school day for those who choose to participate. Kids were excluded because of transportation.

It is important to think about what we do all year long, and not just for one week or day. How will that be relayed through SEL or other means.


III. Principal's Report

Austin ISD Human Sexuality and Responsibility – will be put in place next year. Survey presented to group for input for revisions. We will answer with group consensus.

2 meetings for parent input – Nov. 8th at Travis HS, Nov. 13th at Lanier HS.

Dr. Mitchell presented the information on the new program.

CAC members will fill out survey by October 26th – Dr. Mitchell will respond a single response for the CAC (using our survey answers)



IV. CIP Plan discussion

In process of being approved. Next month the different administrators /department chairs will present their part to CAC at the upcoming meetings.


V. PTA Report

Love you School Fundraiser will change – past several years it has declined. It will be called Professional Development and Technology Fundraiser. Teachers can write proposals to attend PD or acquire technology! Videos would help make it more exciting and have donors more interested (?).


Only One Gorzycki night - November 5th. Open for 5th graders to come and see what we’ve got here! We are considering opening up some more electives to all grade levels. Exploring Languages may open for 6th grade as well – semester class.

We are going to offer 3 Studies Skills classes for general population.


Love your Teacher campaign – parents will orgnaize in February and distribute gift cards to grade level teachers.



Next meeting November 12th.


VI. Adjorn 4:43

Call to Order
Public Comments and Celebrations
Principal's Report
Human Sexuality Curriculum Survey Results
CIP Plan Discussion
PTA Report

Campus Advisory Council Meeting 11/12/18


I. Call to Order 3:48


II. Public Comments and Celebrations


Book Fair was awesome! Had to restock – we sold more this year than any year! A parent bought Mazac her whole wish list!

Only One Gorzycki Night – success. Parent feedback –they felt like we wanted their kids here, as opposed to previous years.

Sports: football 7th grade won City Championship for first time ever! Girls basketball has started – going well so far! Boys will try out this week. Soccer has started as well.


III. Principal's Report


* 1st weekend of December is Middle School Fair - any school can attend. Dr. Mitchell attends and brings students – they do a great job

* PTA will create a service day at the end of the first semester. December 19th afternoon – over 20 groups (hoping to build to 45-50) will come do a “fair” for students. 8th grade will circulate through.

* Teachers to organize volunteering projects in the classroom. Ex. Backpacks/pet beds/packs for homeless, etc. PTA will organize and teachers will sign up for their class project = they will do it that day and leave with finished product that day.

* New fundraiser – . Technology and Curriculum Drive

* Next year – intervention class will be added, some electives will add 6th grade students

EXCEL is at the same class period across the campus, will discuss changes

* SEL committee will bring in a speaker for 7th graders

* GT nominations currently - parents and teachers can submit nominations.


IV. Human Sexuality Curriculum Survey Results

Meetings this week for public. Our committee results were all teach everything to all grades (except 4 areas). The survey has gone out to parents.


V. CIP Plan Discussion – Mr. Summers presented Math CIP goals.


Two goals are brand new:


1. Making sure algebra pathway is equitable. District wants to make sure that 20% or above of Hispanic students are on that pathway. 15% or higher for African American and for economically disadvantaged.


Blend Mathematics Module : there is a BLEND course for 6th grade math.


2. District would like for us to show students growth every year. It is difficult because our students are high achieving.

91% of our students met growth last school year (17-18)

DMAC will analyze STAAR data and we can identify those who did not meet growth last year, monitor during the year, and if they are still not making growth, we will have some tutoring for them.


MOY – the STAAR test making company has now come out with Benchmark tests. Department chairs will decide with teachers if we will use them. We think we will use them.


VI. PTA Report

PTA will create a service day at the end of the first semester. December 19th afternoon – over 20 groups (hoping to build to 45-50) will come do a “fair” for students. 8th grade will circulate through.

Teachers to organize volunteering projects in the classroom. Ex. Backpacks/pet beds/packs for homeless, etc. PTA will organize and teachers will sign up for their class project = they will do it that day and leave with finished product that day.


New fundraiser – . Technology and Curriculum Drive


PTA wants parents to see what teachers want. To try to get more families involved – so that parents can see what teachers really want: Teachers make a video of what they want. Dr. Mitchell will give deadline for teachers.



VII. Adjourn - next meeting December 17, 2018

Welcome, Call to Order
Public Comments and Celebrations
Principal's Report
CIP Professional Development Plan update
PTA Report
  1. Welcome, Call to Order

group members voted on next year’s calendar


  1. Public Comments and Celebrations

Choir sang carols in teacher classrooms – so fun!

Dance performance – wonderful job on Saturday.

Girls basketball – playoffs!

Boys soccer – playoffs!

PTA cookie exchange was AWESOME!

Cupcake challenge in culinary class.

Tiger Cage (like Shark Tank) presentations start tomorrow in business class. (Finkler)

Service Day is Wednesday!  Every EXCEL is doing a project.

Brown Santa is doing well.

Science Club went to UT for competition – they won 2nd place!!


  • Principal's Report

Survey in January from district.  CATE, Fine Arts and Athletics – what will they look like in the future, 20 years from now.  What they ‘ll learn as well as space for the class.  What are questions that parents will have about these courses in 20 years?  Suggestions???  The district would like to have questions and be ahead of the game.


  1. CIP Professional Development Plan update

Ms. Black presented.  Part of the CIP was health and wellness for students and staff.  We were exemplary last year for this.  Most of this is handled by PE dept.  They have CATCH and a health team.  Flu vaccines for employees. Provide health announcements and Mindful Monday.   The results are on the parent cloud.  

Report on the Learning Walk from PE – admins were impressed at the amount of work and engagement from all of the students in PE.


  1. PTA Report

Service Day:  Lots of donations for the classes.  PTA volunteers will shop for missing items today. 

30 organizations will present for 8th grade. 


Technology Drive – raised $12k so far.  

PTA got award – 250 families have joined!


Reflections:  we advanced winners in all 6 categories !  


Next Meeting:   January 14th.


  1. Adjourn


Welcome, Call to Order
Public Comments and Celebrations
Principal's Report
CIP Professional Development Plan update
PTA Report
I. Welcome, Call to Order


II. Public Comments and Celebrations


* Fine Arts Showcase: Winter Assembly was huge success.

* Fine Arts luncheon J

* Service Projects were awesome! Students and staff enjoyed it!

* Service Fair was great! Students loved it – they asked who organized it and were enthusiastic! THANK YOU PTA!!

* Phoenix House has started in 6th ELA classes

* DOI days – January 4th with Bowie. All positive feedback from teachers!


III. Principal's Report

* Choice Sheets – countdown for choice sheets. Next year’s 6th grade counselor will be Patti Hodges. She and Dr. Mitchell are visiting all the feeder elementary schools and presenting about choice sheets, understanding electives/Fine Arts, students and parents understanding the differences between elementary school and middle school. Presentation is on webpage under Dr. Mitchell’s section.

* 5th graders coming to visit next week – they’ll get excited to come here before magnet decisions are made.

* Feb. 5th – choice sheet night - 2 shifts – clubs/fine arts/counselors/ teachers here to answer questions.

* Feb. 8th - choice sheets due

* ALL 8th graders to attend a Career Fair at Palmer Auditorium.

* 6th grade Houston Field Trip – 1 team has gone, 1 team is going this Friday, 1 team is going next Friday.


IV. CIP Professional Development Plan update

A. Skola and M. Briscoe from SPED department presented

Special education students time spent “outside” of general education setting. We need to l increase their time in general educ. setting – needs to increase to 80% of their time spent.

2 reasons why we have SPED students in classes “outside the general setting”:

1. We at GMS offer more sections of classes than other schools. We now have resource for all subject areas.

2. We at GMS offer study skills classes as well. It is offered as an elective, but they are in a small setting with a special education teacher.


Hopefully the data will show that our programs are beneficial to our students as they move to high school. We might get “dinged” on those numbers, but we feel that it is beneficial. Drawbacks: sometimes students have to choose between study skills class and another elective. However, we see that many 7th and 8th grade students chose the study skills elective after taking it in 6th grade.


V. PTA Report

* Tiger Technology fundraiser raised over $14, 000! (last year was $9,000)

* Teacher cookie exchange – wonderful event!

* Service Day/Service Fair – huge success! Students loved it! 50 classes participated in the service!!

* Next meeting Jan 29th 9:00

* Feb. 26th – general meeting with speaker

* March 15th Tiger Day – wrist band will be on sale again.

Money from this day goes back to classroom teachers. Teachers have to join PTA to get the money

* Love your Teacher – fundraiser for gift cards to teachers. Slow start…


VI. February 11th – next meeting

Mazac, Meilke and Conroy will bring snacks (nut free!)

Adjorn 4:27 p.m.

Welcome, Call to Order
Public Comments and Celebrations
Principal's Report
Budget Presentation
CIP Professional Development Plan update
PTA Report


Public Comments and Celebrations

* PAWS for Fun- Celebrate good grades and discipline

o New format this year- by grade level

o Working out kinks

* Valentines Dance was a success

* Teacher of Promise- Chloe DeCaire

* 6th grade field trips are done and were all successful

* Career Fair was great!


Principal’s Report

District Budget Presentation- shared with CAC, PTA and Staff

* Note: we do not have all answers and not everything is final

* GMS budget is staying the same

* March- taxes will affect budget numbers

* AISD Priorities:

o Thrive in Exemplary Schools: Not all schools meeting accountability rating

o Read on Level by 3rd grade: CALT on every elementary campus

o Excel with exceptional teachers: Competative salaries and benefits, PD, recruit and retain teachers

* Currently developing budget- will be finished in April

o GMS budget is done now, AISD budget is finalized in June- causes isues on campus

* Every year the district looses more money to recapture program so budget deficite increases and savings will be gone in a few years

* What district will try to keep the same:

o District will maintain teaching 6/8 periods for secondary teachers

o 29:1 staffing level will be maintained as of now, not final

* Choice sheets were due Friday, after all selections are entered in staff for elective classes will be decided

o SPED- support level wont change

o DL- won’t change, tyring to offer through secondary schools

* May consolidate some schools to free funding (5 campuses now have less than 200 kids)- if it isn’t the right choice for students, it wont happen

* How to save money

o Senate Bill 1882- Transformation Zone

o Redesign Public School finances in Texas

o Leverage assets- increase fees other groups pay to use facilities


CIP Professional Development Plan Update: Mr. K- TELPAS

* Last year was the first year students used a computer for listening and speaking and scores were lower than usual

* This year students will practice using the computer

* Students will be tested over a 2-3 day period so they can spread out and talk louder


PTA Report

* Love Your Teacher campain will be over on February 21st

o Currently have over $6,500 for teachers

* Tiger Tech Drive- $14,500 raised, last year was $9,000

* Service day was a success- 30 organizations participated

o Move to earlier in month

o Help students come up with questions beforehand

* GMS won PTA president award

* Next meeting on Feb. 28th “Raising successful kids while enjoying the ride” by Dr. Burke

* Bowie 97/100 in accountability- comparable to other schools in the area

* GMS matched scholarship funds for a music scholarship last year and were asked to do it again-

o Asking orchestra booster to take over

* GMS gives 3 $250 scholarships to graduating seniors who went to GMS- 3rd year

o April 30th will be deadline for applications

* PTA needs school supplies chair- is it even necessary??

o PTA may not do it anymore

o Some parents love the option, some don’t care

o GMS staff will give input

* Tiger Day

o Each team will get $700-$800

o 1:15-3:15

o Theme- celebrating 10 years of GMS

o Debating confetti eggs and 2 L bottles for this year

* 147 GMS PTA families

* Texas PTA paying for students to attend state rally

Welcome, Call to Order
Public Comments and Celebrations
Principal's Report
Update on Healthy Choices Curriculum
DOI Days for 2019
PTA Report

I. Welcome, Call to Order 3:48


II. Public Comments and Celebrations

Disney - dance and cheer competitions. GMS won sweepstakes!

GMS SEL was selected to go to Yale and learn the Ruler Program!!

Tiger Day is Friday!!

Orchestra sweepstakes!

“Legally Blonde” success

Gift card drive success – met goal!! 77 - $100 gift cards for teachers!!!

DOI day – elementary schools visited here at GMS to meet with 6th grade teachers, 7th and 8th went to Bowie and met with them. It was really great to have a chance to have true vertical alignment.


III. Principal's Report

Budget: CAC reviews budget

Teacher allocations did not change.

Our budget – approx. $100K. They have cut 5% from our budget. We spend over $22K to lease the copy machines! Paper costs $8-$10k. Substitutes are also a high cost item. Teacher pay for transition camp.


IV. Update on Healthy Choices Curriculum

Orientation meeting so families can come preview the curriculum. Curriculum will also be available in library to review any time, but this will be a time for parents with questions for teachers from each grade level to answer. Meeting will be Tuesday, April 16th 5:00 – 6:00 (can be come and go) OPT Out form will be emailed and posted on science teacher websites as well.


V. DOI Days for 2019

October 11

January 7

February 14


VI. PTA Report

Feb. 28th - presentation about raising successful kids was great.

Tiger Day Friday March 15 – 1:15 – 3:25

No school supplies orders from PTA this year.

(microphones from show were not in good condition –PTA will look into maybe replacing them. Maybe Theater booster can do something.)


VII. Adjourn

Next Meeting April 15th

Welcome, call to order
Public Comments and Celebrations
Principal's Report
PTA Report