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Private Lessons

The Gorzycki Middle School Band offers an excellent enrichment program to all band students. This program consists of a 30 minute private lesson before/after school or a 25 minute lesson during the school day, taken once a week, taught by a master teacher and specialist on your child's instrument. We hope each parent will consider the opportunity offered by this program. Listed below are a few points to consider about our valuable program.
- Private lessons give students the opportunity to work with a master teacher, professional musician and specialist on their instrument.
- Private lessons allow gifted students to move at a pace comfortable to his/her needs.
- Private lessons can help motivate a struggling student by providing a more personal or "one on one" approach.
- Private lessons offer insights and experiences on a musical level not available in a classroom of 30+ students.
- Private lessons help meet individual need.
The private lesson staff at GMS all have degrees in music and most participate actively as performers in the Austin area. We at Gorzycki Middle School are lucky to have some of the finest lesson teachers in the area, providing our students with world class instruction. The private instructor, once notified that you are interested in lessons for your child, will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient lesson time. Lessons are generally held at GMS. Lesson rates range at around $20 per 25 minute lesson.
We hope you will seriously consider private lessons for your child. It WILL make a difference in their musical capabiliies and expand their musical knowledge and creativity. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have additional questions about this program!
Herson De La Garza
Private Lesson Staff:
Alison Baker
Tyler McElhinney
Amanda Turley
James Sterling
Jim Debth 
Patrick Creel
Drew Bonner
Scott Lowe