Welcome to Goryzcki Art!
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Our students are award winning artists who excel yearly at the Junior Visual Art Scholastic Event, Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, and Academic UIL.
The following are yearlong classes. 
Middle School Art 1-  1st year of Middle School regardless of grade level.
 Foundational course that develops basic skills in drawing, composition, design, color theory, painting techniques and sculptural concepts. Focus is on creative visual thinking and problem solving which results in students utilizing higher order thinking skills. At Gorzycki beginning art students experience traditional art as well as digital photography, graphic design and stop motion animation.
MS  Art 2For the 7th or 8th grader in their second year of Middle School Art. As a second year course, this is an advanced level class in Art.  Students build upon previously learned skills from their foundation year to create individual artworks that demonstrate an understanding the Elements and Principles of Design. Students focus on developing the crucial creative habits employed by professional artists; Acceptive of ambiguity: There are multiple solutions/ interpretations of a problem, there is no definitive right or wrong answer; Generation of original ideas; and Interdisciplinary research.
MS ART 3  is for the 3rd year 8th grade art student