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Cellular Phones and Electronic Devices: Students are permitted to possess a personal cell phone; however, these devices must remain turned off and out of sight during the instructional day unless they are being used for approved instructional purposes. Additionally, students shall not possess any tele-communications devices during a testing period. The use of cell phones or any device capable of capturing images is strictly prohibited in locker rooms or restroom areas while at school or at a school-related or school-sponsored event. If a student uses a telecommunication device without authorization during the school day, the device will be confiscated. The parent may pick up the confiscated item from the principal’s office after a 48 hour hold and for a fee of $15.00 payable by cash or money order. If the device is confiscated on a Thursday or Friday, it will be released on Monday. After the third confiscation, cellular phones, paging devices, or any other electronic device will be held until the end of the semester and must be picked up by a parent. For more information regarding appropriate use and expectations, please refer to the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) form and AISD standards that are sent home at the beginning of the year. Please note that Students should NEVER be on social media at school.