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Welcome to the GT Corner!! Staff and faculty at Gorzycki Middle School continually work to support our students' involvement in various programs and organizations that offer to meet the needs of our diverse, talented, and advanced learners. Programs are offered in and outside of the regular school day to allow every student the opportunity to benefit from the amazing programs that we have in place! Our students are so incredibly talented - we are always working to offer opportunities that allow Gorzycki students to demonstrate their skills and talents and at the same time allow them to building on qualities as leaders of our community.  Please check this page regularly for updates on academic competitions, contests, and workshops that we have available for our students at Gorzycki Middle School!
  • Students in kindergarten through 12th grade are eligible to be screened for Gifted and Talented (GT) and Talent Explore (TE) in Austin ISD through a nomination and screening process. The GATE Assessment Calendar indicates when different grade levels can be nominated and screened for GATE services. 

  • All campuses in Austin ISD provide screening, identification, and services for GT students. Additionally, students screened for GT who are not identified for GT services are automatically considered for Talent Explore.  

  • Talent Explore identification is for high ability students who do not qualify for GT but demonstrate potential to perform at high levels when grouped with Gifted and Talented students.  

  • Students may be identified through the screening process in one or more of the following areas: GT STEM (science and mathematics), GT Humanities (language arts and social studies), Talent Explore STEM (science and mathematics), or Talent Explore Humanities (language arts and social studies).   

  • If an AISD GT or Talent Explore student transfers from one campus to another, the student’s services will transfer automatically in the TEAMS system once they are enrolled at the new school. 

  • Placement in the AISD GT program is not automatic for students identified as GT outside of our district. The campus registrar and campus GT Advocate will contact Advanced Academics for assistance with the Out-of-District GT Transfer Review process. 

  • For more information, visit https://www.austinisd.org/advanced-academics/gifted or meet with the GT Advocate



Gifted Characteristics Checklist for Students (grades 6-12 only)

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