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Welcome to the GT Corner!! Staff and faculty at Gorzycki Middle School continually work to support our students' involvement in various programs and organizations that offer to meet the needs of our diverse, talented, and advanced learners.
The GT Nomination window is now OPEN-- November 4th through November 15.  Here are some helpful links to access all the required forms to nominate your child to be identified for GT services:
Gifted/Talented (Advanced Academics) website:

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Grades K-12

The Voice and Choice Assessment is an independent learning activity on a topic of interest designed to provide each student with an opportunity to demonstrate design thinking using a four-step process of 1) feel, 2) imagine, 3) do, and 4) share. The student creates a final product that conveys understandings and feelings about the selected topic. Formats to consider include collage, poetry, short story, multimedia, music, artwork, photography, schematic, infographic, video, or choose any other way to exhibit their learning and ideas.

Students will only complete the Voice and Choice at school. For students in grades K-2, it is acceptable for a teacher or staff member to assist the student with sections of this activity. However, the ideas, work, and insights should be those of the student. Adults should limit their interaction with the student as much as possible so the student is free to demonstrate their individual voice and choice.