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the letter I sent to parents today:

Hello again wonderful parents,
I am sorry for the multiple emails you will most likely get about the Chromebook distribution.  We just want to make sure that our Gorzycki Tigers get the technology they need for distance learning. 
You should have received an email from the district today with this link to a survey:   Middle School Chromebook Survey
To clarify - you do not have to get an AISD Chromebook.  If you have a device with internet access that your child is comfortable using and can use for learning during the day, then that is just fine.  However, the district will be able to update the Chromebooks and add software remotely.  Therefore, we recommend that you have at least one district-issued Chromebook in your house.   
I will be back in touch with more information about ELA and how we will continue our learning.  I do know that we will begin posting lessons online starting April 6th.  In ELA, those lessons will be in BLEND. 
As far as how we accommodate,  or give feedback on activities, we do not know.  We are waiting on decisions from TEA and AISD.  I am sure Dr. Mitchell will be communicating the information to you, and I will share on my website as well.  
In the meantime, it would be a great benefit for your child to read at least 30 minutes every day and for y'all to talk about what they are reading (and what you're reading, too!) every day or so.  You could share your favorite line from your book, ask how they are like their character, see what they think will happen next, tell about something you've read or seen that is like what they are reading.  
Stay safe!  I'll be in touch!
Emily Mazac                    emily.mazac@austinisd.org
Gorzycki Middle School
English Language Arts

Office Hours

I will have "office hours" Tuesday - Friday 1:00 - 3:00.   I will answer emails outside of those hours, but will be available for sure between 1-4 every day. 
If you need to speak to me, we can have a Zoom conference.  
I still have no information beyond what we have heard from the district. I will keep you posted!!

Students - check those emails!

Please check your school email for a message from me.  In the message, I ask you to email me back with a couple of things.  
Please do this as soon as possible. 
Miss ya'll!!

Week of February 3-7

Remember - next Friday, February 14th and Monday, February 17th are student holidays. 
This week we will have a Phoenix House presentation on the effects of smoking.  We will finish drafting our short story and submit in BLEND by Friday, February 7th. 
We will then start our poetry unit. 
It's going to be a great week!

Week of January 27 - 31

This week we will start writing ideas for our short story.  Students will be writing ideas Thursday, drafting on Friday and Tuesday.  We will then move into poetry!
I am out of notebook paper and kleenex in my classroom.  Donations of either would be appreciated!!

Week of January 13 - 17

We have our trip to the Houston Museum of Natural Science this Friday.  This is for students who have Ms. DeCaire for Science.  I will be on that trip, so students who are not attending will have a substitute teacher. 
We are continuing our work with PLOT, and will take notes on characterization this week as well. 

Phoenix House Information,Schedule, and opt out form

We are thrilled to welcome Phoenix House back for the 4th year for their Life Skills Training Program. See the attached forms for the curriculum and opt out form. 
Starting Monday, January 13, 2020, all 6th graders will have presentations through their ELA classes, once a week, for 8 weeks.  If you do NOT want your child to participate in the program, send the opt-out form back by Monday, January 13th. 

Here is the OUTLINE - sorry about the link that didn't work!

Headline - this should tell the reader what your blog is about

Introduction - Start with an anecdote (a short story that tells about your topic).  Then tell the reader what you have learned about.  You can use some of your research facts here to explain to the reader. Clearly state the problem or issue about your topic. (underline the problem)

Next 1-2 paragraphs are about the problem or issue  and some more researched facts about your topic/issue/problem (highlight your researched facts)

Last paragraph - offer a solution or the effect of the issue/problem and call for your readers to do something about it!  It is always nice to tie it back to the beginning, if you can - like mention the anecdote again with a solution.  (bold your solution/effect and you call to action)

Picture - make sure to include a picture that illustrates something about your blog - and include the source of the picture in your source listing.

Sources:  you can just paste your links to the websites you used.