Here is the OUTLINE - sorry about the link that didn't work!

Headline - this should tell the reader what your blog is about

Introduction - Start with an anecdote (a short story that tells about your topic).  Then tell the reader what you have learned about.  You can use some of your research facts here to explain to the reader. Clearly state the problem or issue about your topic. (underline the problem)

Next 1-2 paragraphs are about the problem or issue  and some more researched facts about your topic/issue/problem (highlight your researched facts)

Last paragraph - offer a solution or the effect of the issue/problem and call for your readers to do something about it!  It is always nice to tie it back to the beginning, if you can - like mention the anecdote again with a solution.  (bold your solution/effect and you call to action)

Picture - make sure to include a picture that illustrates something about your blog - and include the source of the picture in your source listing.

Sources:  you can just paste your links to the websites you used.