Remote Learning Updates:

In an effort to Maintain your fitness and progress from this year please attempt to exercise and move every day. You may access weekly at home workouts starting the week of April 6th on your class blend page. Please see your individual class period's page for a specific link to your class workout.

Please feel free to email me with any questions or if there is anything that we can do to help.

I will be checking and replying to emails regularly and will be available for  daily office hours from 9-11am Monday - Friday

Welcome to your online classroom! On this site you will be able to link to your class to view assignments, lessons, and upcoming events. Please see below for contact info and conference times.


Email: eric.fourmy@austinisd.org
Phone: (512) 841-8626
Room Number:Boy's Coaches Office
Conference Periods: M-F 2nd (9:17-10:03am) & 6th (1:11-1:58pm)



Mr. Fourmy's Math Class Week of 05/16

This week (Monday 05/16) we will be:
Algebra I-
Monday- Rational Expressions Mixed Review
Tuesday - 6th Six Weeks Test Review
Wednesday - 6th Six Weeks Test
Thursday -Final Exam Review Day One
Friday - Final Exam Review Day Two
****Reminder Algebra I Final Exam is next Tuesday-Thursday(05/24-05/26)****
8th Math
Monday - Intro to 9th grade Algebra Day 6 - Solving Simple Equations
Tuesday - Intro to 9th grade Algebra Day 7- Solving Simple Equations
Wednesday - Intro to 9th grade Algebra Day 8 - Solving Complex Equations
Thursday - Intro to 9th grade Algebra Day 9 -Solving Complex Equations
Friday -- Intro to 9th grade Algebra Day 10 - Mixed Practice Solving Equations
****Reminder 8th Math 6th Six Weeks Test is next Wednesday(05/25)****

Mr. Fourmy's Math Class - Week of 04/04

This week (Monday 04/04) we will be:
Algebra I-
Monday- Distance and Midpoint Formula Day 1
Tuesday - Distance and Midpoint Formula Day 2
Wednesday - Using Radical to Solve Quadratics
Thursday -Using Radicals to Solve Quadratics Continued
Friday - Review of all Radical Operations
8th Math
Monday - Pythagorean Theorem SLO Review Continued
Tuesday - Spring Semester SLO Day 1
Wednesday - Spring Semester SLO Day 2
Thursday - 4th Six Weeks Review
Friday -- 4th Six Weeks Test

Mr. Fourmy's MATH STAAR tutoring schedule for the week of 03/21

In EXCEL: If you are required to complete a Category review then you are required to come to tutoring on that category's review day as listed below (see before school times for students unable to attend EXCEL Tutoring on Monday and/or Tuesday) Make sure to remember to get a tiger tutoring stamp from me the day before your tutoring session.
Monday- Category 1
Tuesday- Category 2
Wednesday- Category 3
Thursday- Category 4
Before School:
7:30-8:10 on Wednesday and Thursday for any students who can not come to tutoring during EXCEL on Monday or Tuesday, or would like additional help outside of Excel. REMEMBER TO GET A MORNING PASS THE DAY BEFORE YOU WOULD LIKE TO COME IN FOR AM TUTORING!

Mr. Fourmy's Math Class - Week of 03/21

This week (Monday 03/21) we will be:
Algebra I-
Monday- Simplifying Radicals
Tuesday - Simplifying Radicals Continued
Wednesday - Radical Operations
Thursday -Radical Operations Continued
Friday - NO SCHOOL
8th Math
Monday - Finish Practice STAAR #1 and begin STAAR Review #2 
Tuesday - Go over STAAR Review #2 pages 1 -3 (HW pages 4,5,and 6)
Wednesday - Go over STAAR Review #2 pages 4-6 (HW rest of STAAR Review #2)
Thursday - Go Over STAAR Review #2 and take Practice STAAR Test #2
Friday -- NO SCHOOL

Mr. Fourmy's Math Class - Week of 03/07

This week (Monday 03/07) we will be:
Algebra I-
Monday- Solving Equations By Factoring
Tuesday - Review for Factoring Test
Wednesday - Factoring Test
Thursday -Finish and go over Factoring Test
Friday - Tiger Day
8th Math
Monday - Finish Financial Literacy Test and Begin STAAR Review #1 (HW front and back of pages 1 and 2)
Tuesday - Go over STAAR Review #1 pages 1 and 2 (HW front and back of pages 3,4, and 5)
Wednesday - Go over STAAR Review #1 pages 3,4, and 5 (HW rest of STAAR Review #1)
Thursday - Practice STAAR Test #1
Friday -- Tiger Day

Mr. Fourmy's Math Class - Week of 02/08

This week (Monday 2/8) we will be:
Algebra I-
Monday- Polynomial Operations - Continued Day 5
Tuesday - Review for Test 4.3 Polynomials
Wednesday - Test 4.3 Polynomials
Thursday -Review for Six Weeks Test
Friday - 4th Six Weeks Test
8th Math
Monday - Intro to Transformations
Tuesday - Transformations Activity
Wednesday - Review for Six Weeks Test
Thursday - Review for Six Weeks Test
Friday -- 4th Six Weeks Test

Week of 02/01 Mr. Fourmy's Math Class

This week (Monday 2/1) we will be:
Algebra I-
Monday- Polynomial Operations - FOIL 
Tuesday - Polynomial Operations - Continued Day 2
Wednesday - Polynomial Operations - Continued Day 3
Thursday - Polynomial Operations - Continued Day 4
Friday - Bowie HS Choice Sheet Videos
8th Math
Monday - Intro to Data and Box and Whisker Plot
Tuesday - Data - Day 2 - Scatter Plots and Line of Best Fit
Wednesday - Data - Day 3 - Line of Best Fit and Deviation
Thursday - Data - Day 4 - Mean Absolute Deviation
Friday -- Bowie HS Choice Sheet Videos

Mr. Fourmy's Math Class - Week of 01/25

This week (Monday 1/25) we will be:
Algebra I-
Monday- Exponents IV and Begin Review 
Tuesday - Scientific Notation and Exponents Review
Wednesday - Test 4.2 - Scientific Notation and Exponents (Notes Tonight for Thursday)
Thursday - Polynomials Intro
Friday - Polynomials Day 2
8th Math
Monday - Intro to Dimensional Change
Tuesday - Dimensional Change Day 2
Wednesday - Dimensional Change Day 3 **** Surface Area Re-Teach Session During Excel****
Thursday - Review Volume and Dimensional Change ****Surface Area Re-Test During Excel****
Friday -- Test 4.2 - Volume and Dimensional Change

Surface Area Re-Teach and Re-Test This Week!

Due to the poor performance we saw on test 4.1 we will be doing a re-teach session and re-test session this week. Students are encouraged to attend the optional re-teach session this Wednesday during Excel Tutoring and attend the Re-Test session this Thursday in Excel tutoring if they would like to re-test and raise their grade for test 4.1 Outside of the six weeks test, this will be your only opportunity to improve your test grade for test 4.1

Algebra - No Notes Tonight

No Notes tonight for Algebra. We will be going over Arithmetic Sequences again tomorrow(Wednesday), and notes will be up after class tomorrow for Thursday's class on Geometric Sequences.

Reminders for Mr. Fourmy's Algebra I Class

1. The Algebra Semester Final is Monday (12/14) through Wednesday (12/16)
         - All four of your reviews from this week are due on Monday (12/14)
         - Your Finals Formula Sheet can only be ONE SIDE of a plain sheet of
           standard 8.5 x 11 in printer paper
2. Tutoring will be available before school on Monday and Wednesday at from 7:40-8:10 if you would like to come in before the final. If you do not already have a pass and would like to come in Monday morning, you may email me over the weekend and I will email you back with an AM pass.

Week of 12/14 Mr. Fourmy's Math Class

This week (Monday 12/14) we will be:
Algebra I-
Monday- Semester Final
Tuesday - Semester Final
Wednesday - Semester Final
Thursday - Go Over and Wrap Up Semester Final
Friday - Semester Grade Review
8th Math
Monday - Pythagorean Spiral Project
Tuesday - Pythagorean Spiral Project
Wednesday - Pythagorean Spiral Project
Thursday - Pythagorean Spiral Project Presentation and Voting for Best In Class
Friday -- Semester Grade Review

Reminder Test Tomorrow 10/16 in Mr. Fourmy's Class

Pre-AP and Regular 8th Grade Math have a test tomorrow on Linear Equations and Slope. The review and answer key are already posted on your class page. I will be in tomorrow morning at 7:40am for an extra tutoring session if anyone would like to come in before the test.

Mr. Fourmy's Math Class - Week of 10/13

This week we will be:

Algebra I:
Monday - Student Holiday
Tuesday - Review for Functions Test
Wednesday - Functions Test
Thursday - Linear Equations Using x and y intercepts
Friday - Linear Equations - Slope 3 ways

8th Math
Monday - Student Holiday.
Tuesday - Complete Graphing Activity
Wednesday - Given Two Points find the equation
Thursday - Review for lines test
Friday -- Lines Test