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Email: joelle.dondeville@austinisd.org
Phone: (512) 841-8706
Room Number: 812
Conference Periods: 3rd & 5th 
Tutoring: Students having difficulty with the course are strongly encouraged to seek my help outside of class as soon as possible. Students can seek help on Wednesdays during EXCEL and other times by request. 


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August 24- August 28th

This week - Monday there is no school - but please use this time to study for our unit test. Tuesday we will do a lab - Missing Cousin and Wednesday we review in class for our test - (please come prepared) Thursday is our unit test and Friday is the end of the six weeks. TEAMS is current and up to date. Should you need any additional help, please see me during EXCEL.

8th grade science Sept 3 - 7

This week in school we will cover physical and chemical changes that occur to matter. We will also review physical/chemical properties of matter. Our learning will include: notes, powerpoints, worksheets, demos, and the week will end with a hands on lab. We will also start our "foldable" please see my web page under the to do/homework link to find out more about this assignment. We will have a quiz this Thursday - it covers density and physical and chemical changes. (see homework link for more details). Reminders - no school on Monday and Back to school night is Tuesday and the RERUN of the density lab is due this Wed. Any student needing help with their assignments or understanding of science concepts should see me during EXCEL. 

8th Grade Science August 27-30

This week in science we reviewed the 6th grade TEK of density. Students spent two days in lab calculating density in a variety of ways. Their lab report in the RERUN format is due Wed Sept 5th. (see my homework page for more details)

Welcome to 8th Grade Science

 Welcome to 8th Grade Science! This week in science we will cover the basic procedures and policies of the class and safety. Please check my homework website page for your "to do's = homework and due dates.  Please remember to bring in a small photograph yourself to add to our bulletin board. Looking forward to a great year!

8th Grade Science March 5-9

This week in science we will recognize human dependence on ocean systems and explain how human activities such as runoff, artificial reefs, or use of resources have modified these systems. We will create a poster and do a writing assignment. 

8th grade Science Feb 19-23

This week in science we begin the 5th six weeks. We started this unit with recognizing how the sun provides the energy that drives ocean currents and wind. We then carried this topic into our study of how global patterns of atmospheric movement influence local weather maps that show low and high pressure fronts. There was a reading and homework questions due on currents. (All students should have a textbook at home - please see me if you do not have a book at home) We did a "lab" on how to read a weather map and we started our foldable on fronts (which is due Wed Feb 21st). Please see the "To Do" section of my website for more details on assignments. 

8th Grade Science Feb 5-9

This week we will discuss light years and expansion of the universe, and we will review for our unit test which is Thursday. Please note that the plate tectonic foldable is due on Tuesday. Additional information regarding both of these assignments, and many others, can be found on my website under the To Do section. Please see me during EXCEL if you need assistance with any topic discussed this six weeks or if you have been absent. The 4th six weeks ends of Fri. Feb 9th. 

8th Grade Science Jan 29-Feb 2

This week in science we finished our study of plate tectonics and how this movements (via convection) creates crustal features. Please note that several assignments were collected/assigned this week so if you were absent, please refer to my website for more information. 

8th Grade Science Jan 29-Feb 2nd

Jan 29-Feb 2nd we will study how plate tectonics creates crustal features. WE will also study sea floor spreading and do a hands on lab that simulate tectonic movement. We will have a quiz on plate tectonics on Thursday, Feb 1st. 

8th Grade Science Jan 22-26

This week in science we are concluding our study of space by studying the electromagnetic spectrum, we will do a spectroscope lab and a finerprint to the stars lab, We also studied galaxies. We will then begin our study of plate tectonics beginning with the theory of plate tectonics.