B Young » Welcome to Mrs. Young's Green Ag I Class

Welcome to Mrs. Young's Green Ag I Class

Investigating Careers in Green Agriculture


 Brandi Young   

                                                                              Email: brandi.young@austinisd.org                                                    

                                                                                        Phone:   512-841-8689


Class Syllabus


Investigating Careers In Green Agriculture is a semester long class designed to explore and encourage an interest in the various careers in the Agricultural Industry through classroom and laboratory experiences. Students are provided an opportunity to advance their agricultural skills through “Hands-On” projects and research.

Specific Objectives

  1.      Stimulate interest and provide opportunities to gain background knowledge of and explore skills needed in such areas as agricultural research, forestry, natural resources, horticulture, and the plant and animal sciences.
  2.      Develop agricultural and environmental literacy skills for all students for their benefit as consumers and citizens.
  3.      Provide opportunities for students to develop the leadership and decision-making skills necessary to become contributing members of society.
  4.       Provide students with opportunities that generate an interest in the further exploration of one or more careers in the Agricultural Industry the high school or college level.


Grading Policy

Daily Grades (40%) -                       Daily grades are comprised of 

                                                            participation in classroom and laboratory

                                                            settings, gardening and animal journals, daily

                                                            assignments, notebook checks and quizzes .


Major Grades (60%) -                     Major grades are comprised of all activities related to

                                                            the Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) ,

                                                            classroom presentations and AG Lab write-ups.



Green Ag Notebook

Students are required to have a one-inch, three ring binder. This notebook will remain in class and will be used on a daily basis.


Materials Fee

The Green Ag Class will be doing a lot of gardening and animal science projects throughout the course. A 15$ material fee will be required.