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My tech classes are designed to allow every student the opportunity to explore careers in the field of technology. The primary focus of each class is to let students use the tools and thought processes of the tech industry in a safe and encouraging atmosphere where exploration and participation are the main goals. When I see a student have that moment of joy that comes with the awareness of success in something they have never done before I know I've met my goals.

Each class allows a student to explore the tech industry in a different way:
1. Tech Careers allows students to discover engineering, planning and coding skills.

2. Digital Media and Animation allows students to use current graphic design tools and techniques to create the images commonly found in computer games, movies, and other computer oriented media.

Through these courses, it is my hope to allow students a place to begin their understanding of the technological age in which they live. Moreover, these courses are designed to give my students an edge up on securing the opportunities that come with understanding technology.
All the images were created by my students using either, Inkscape a vector based drawing program, Gimp a raster based program or Blender a 3D modeling program.
Since the implementation of BLEND in AISD the easiest way to see what is due and upcoming is to view my classes in BLEND.

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Best Way to View Class Assignments

The best way to view any class assignment is to log into BLEND. In BLEND you can see what is due, most grades and what is next.

Graphic Design Rubric

This rubric is the document I use to grade any final product a student does. Daily grades are based upon completing the tutorials that teach the student how to use the software. Career study grades are a stand alone assignment. Boot up grades are taken once a week, students work on those at the beginning of each class.

Back To School Night

 My classes are located just outside the 500 wing inside the second portable(B1).