Hi Parents and Students!


My room is in Portable D1 and my phone extension is 512-841-8785, but the best way to reach me is via email. Please send water bottles with your students to my class.  There is no water in the portable, and the kids tend to get hot in this weather on their way out to my class.



Important Dates:

Feb. 25th, 26th and 27th TELPAS Testing 
Feb. 25th and 26th- Cheer Tryout Clinic (7th graders only)
Feb. 28th- Cheer Tryouts (7th graders only)


-Ms. Wilbanks




Recent Posts

Week of February 24th- February 28th

Monday- Warm up: Hot Potato Vocab. Classwork: Using Text Features to make inferences: identifying text structures "The Girl Who Wrestles Boys Wins"
Tuesday- Decoding/word recognition skills/comprehension; Using Context to Comprehend "The Valley of Champions"
Wednesday- Decoding/ word recognition skills/ comprehension; Vocabulary Practice- Charades and sentences
Thursday- Decoding/ word recognition skills; comprehension practice questions
Friday- Decoding//word recognition skills/comprehension; review games; finish anything that isn't complete

6th grade Reading: Prefix Quiz 9/10

Use the Prefix Quizlet to study, and we will review in class on Monday.