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Gorzycki Middle School

Back-to-School Letter


Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year. I am so excited to see your 8th grade students this year for their last year of middle school. It has been a pleasure growing and learning with your students! I would like to provide a few reminders for the upcoming school year. First, please remind students that cell phones/devices are to be put away unless specifically approved by the teacher during classroom activities. Second, if your student is attending athletic events, they must be picked up no later than 10 minutes after the game ends. This can be difficult as we don’t always know exactly when volleyball and basketball games end. If students are not picked up by appropriate times, they will not be allowed to attend future games. Third, please remind your students to use social media respectfully, if they wouldn’t want you to read it, then it shouldn’t be posted.


I can’t wait for another great year! High school is just around the corner!



Whitney Black

8th grade Assistant Principal


 *Please contact me with any 504 questions you may have

*Please remember that about 5% of the GMS student population has a nut allergy!  Because of this concern, GMS is requesting that all food brought into the school be nut free.

Dear Gorzycki Parents
I hope you and your students are enjoying the new chromebooks. I have seen many teachers incorporating daily use of this technology in their classrooms, and it is very exciting!
The technology team has a few reminders regarding chromebook usage and storage.
  1. Please make sure that your student is using the district issued carry case or a protective sleeve for their device. We have already had several screens damaged due to improper handling. 
  2. Beginning Tuesday 10/15, if students are not using their district issued carry case or a protective sleeve, students will receive lunch detention.
  3. Students should restart their Chromebooks at least once per day. 
  4. Please remind your student to charge his/her chromebook each night so it's ready to use at school the next day. 
Thank you for your continued support as we implement Everyone:1 on our campus.
Whitney Black
Gorzycki Middle School
Assistant Principal