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Hello Students and Parents,
This year, I will provide Curriculum Support for 7th grade Science and 6th grade ELA.
Wednesday:  Duty and ARD meetings

I am housed in room 710 and travel through-out the day to other classrooms.
email is the best method of contact:


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Virtual Learning Opportunities

Starting Monday, Virtual Learning Opportunities will be posted on BLEND.  These are academic opportunities for enrichment.
Students, when you are ready to start Monday, will you please log on the student portal, and from there go to BLEND. These VLOs will be posted in the "Assignment" section of your BLEND. 
Thank you,
Ms. Moss

Heads up for parents

Dear Parents,
Excel teachers have sent letters to students. Please encourage them to check their email and respond to the letter.
Thank you, 
Ms. Moss


Please check your email for a letter from the school and your teachers.
Students, Please respond to the email.
My office hours are currently scheduled for 8:00-10:00.
Thank you, Ms. Moss