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Mr. Johnson 6th Grade Science

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Coming up this week in science 01.14.19

This week our scientists continue to learn about time, distance, and speed.  We are looking at time-distance graphs and understanding the shapes of lines can tell you part of the story of what is happening to the speed.  We will be practicing working speed problems, and we will end the week with a lab calculating the speed of toy cars rolling down a track.

Houston Museum Field Trip Info

Hello Parents,
Here are the registration links for Team 6-1's trip to the Houston Museum of Natural Science on Jan 25, 2019.  Please ask for a paper copy if you prefer.
3 steps:
1.  Permission Form
2.  Payment
(can also be paid by check to Gorzycki Middle School with "Team 6-1" in the memo)
3. Private Transportation Form
(pink copy sent home - attached as a separate document here)
Forms, info, and payment due by Jan 11, 2019.

Coming up this week in science 01.07.19

Welcome back and Happy New Year! This week our scientists begin to explore speed as the relationship between time and distance.  Students are encouraged to ask extra questions and come in to EXCEL as this topic can be challenging for some learners.  This topic has a major emphasis in math so understanding now can benefit both subjects.

Coming up this week in science 12.17.18

This week our scientists will be working on an energy mosaic.  Students will take the advantages and disadvantages of the energy sources we have studied and put them onto a page with a few other details and color it.  We will wrap up the week with a video about energy sources. 
Thanks for a great beginning of the year and have a happy holiday.

Coming up this week in science 12.10.18

This week our scientists will be finishing up their slides for presentation.  The presentations will begin on Wednesday, Dec 12.  This will be a major grade, and there will be no 3rd six weeks' test in science.

Coming up this week in science 12.03.18

This week our scientists will be researching information about an energy resource.  These resources include: coal, oil, geothermal, solar, wind, biomass, natural gas, nuclear, and hydropower.  Students are gathering basic information, advantages, and disadvantages of the resource they were assigned.  This information is being used to build a slide show that will be presented next week.  This research and presentation will replace the third six weeks test grade for science.

Coming up this week in science 11.26.18

This week our scientists will be learning about energy resource vocabulary and how some of these resources are created and used.  This will be leading into a major grade project that will begin the following week (Dec 3-7).  For this project, student groups will be assigned an energy source to research and present.  The presentations will happen the week after that (Dec 10-14).  This project/presentation will take the place of a 3rd Six Weeks Test. Energy resources students will be learning about include coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear power, biomass, wind, hydropower, geothermal, and solar resources.

Coming up this week in science 11.12.18

This week our scientists will be completing the thermal energy unit with a test on Tuesday.  The test will focus on the three forms of heat transfer: conduction, convection, and radiation.  There will be a review on Monday.  The remainder of the week will be spent discussing energy resources that power our electricity, heating, and transportation needs.