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Welcome, Gorzycki Tigers!! I'm excited to start the 2019-2020 school year with a new crew. This website will include all your assignments, upcoming projects and you can even find some cool Science news. Interested in tutorials? Tutorial times are Wednesday's during excel (6th period). I hope to teach you to love Science as much as I do!  Yes, I'm a
Science nerd.  Let's get this school year started!


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Week of 9/9/19

Monday- Finishing E-C-M-M posters and turning them in
Tuesday- Take Quiz over Matter-Elements-Compounds-Molecules-Mixtures-counting elements and atoms in a chemical formula
Wednesday-color code periodic table- Metals-Nonmetals-Metalloids notes
Thursday-finish M-N-L notes- Periodic table scavenger hunt
Friday- Metals-Nonmetals-Metalloids Lab