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C Finkler » Business Education 2018-2019

Business Education 2018-2019

Welcome to the Spring semester of TSDE Keyboarding. You will find the course syllabus here, as well as a weekly agenda of material we are covering in classes.
For the most up-to-date information, please go to my BLEND course Touch Sys Data - 062:
Dear Parents and/or Guardians of the Bowie Vertical Team,

Austin ISD has become a District of Innovation (DOI), a designation that allows schools to adjust schedules and calendars to meet the needs of the school community.
Additional professional development dates were added to middle schools for the Bowie Vertical Team:
Bailey and Gorzycki Middle School: September 24th, January 3rd and 4th and February 15th. (NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS)
Welcome to Business Education at GMS!
This year, we are offering a semester course in Business Careers, which we approach as an opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship and starting your own business.
There are also eleven sections of TSDE (Keyboarding) in this school year. Students taking Keyboarding will spend a small amount of time learning touch typing techniques.  Our primary focus will be on Microsoft Office 2013 applications - Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  In addition, students will investigate techniques to improve internet searches, and explore Cloud Computing and Online Safety.