I have had the privilege to be a part of Gorzycki Middle School since it opened.  In these classes, students will have  the opportunity to learn a variety of important skills and be exposed to various career options.We do a number of "hands on" projects and activities that keep students engaged and challenged. I am looking forward to the year ahead!


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3/23-3/27 Some Recipes You may enjoy

Hey Everyone, 
I hope you are doing well! I know this has been a lot for each of us to absorb,  as Covid 19 has given us all a new "normal" for our everyday lives, which means lots of time in our homes with our families. :) I know that for now, we can't be together in class face to face, but I wanted to provide you with some recipes/activities, that are not mandatory but a few  that I thought you and your family might enjoy!
If you have questions along the way, feel free to email me with those questions, feedback and even pictures of what you have made, and I will do my best respond. (Office hours: M-F, (9am-3:30 pm) I will be checking email and plan to respond within 48 hours)
Food, Family and Finance: Remember the Mini Quiche/Egg muffins we made before break? I am sending you the link (Includes written recipe and a video you can watch), so you can make your own version with your favorite things:
Culinary: Going Bananas yet? ;) Well, in case you are, take several bananas you have around your house and make the banana muffins that we made in class a few weeks ago. We only used 2 large bananas in class but the recipe calls for 3 small or regular bananas. I am also adding a link to a recipe I made last week for gluten free banana bread (using Oat flour you can make yourself), and it was AMAZING!
Below are  the links:
(If you make muffins instead of bread, you will want to cut the cook time down to about 20ish minutes ) Don't overcook banana bread or muffins*Remember you can test the middle with a toothpick.


Food, Family and Finance: This week, students will continue to practice their cooking skills as we prepare Mini Quiche on Tuesday and Sugar Cookies on Thursday. *Note dates are subject to change
Culinary: PIZZA! PIZZA! We will be making pizza crust from scratch and each student will get to make a personal size pizza with a variety of healthy toppings that will be available. We will be making pizzas in our 2 Day lab this week. (Tues. and Wed.)


Food, Family and Finance: As we move through our Food Unit, students will get to learn about creating healthy meals as we look at My Plate guidelines and discuss how to read nutrition labels. We will also make Little Pizzas this week in our Food Lab.
Culinary: This week students will get to continue their Knife Knowledge and practice as we complete a 2 Day Mini Apple Pie lab (Tues/Wed). Yum!


Food Family and Finance: We are in our Food Unit, learning about Safety in the Kitchen and Healthy meal planning. We will have a Safety Test on Wednesday. We will also learn about properly measuring ingredients. We will have a Trail Mix Measuring Lab on Friday.
Culinary: We will be learning about a number of Kitchen Tools this week, as well as starting our Knife Unit. Students will learn the proper way to handle a knife, and knife safety as we prepare for our mini apple pie lab the following week!


Food, Family and Finance: We will wrap up our Family/Childcare Unit with Childcare Centers, exploring fun activities for children. We will begin our Food Unit this week as we learn about Safety in the kitchen.
Culinary: We will continue to explore the fundamentals of baking. We are  baking Banana Muffins this week in our 2 Day lab.


Food, Family and Finance: Students will continue to learn about caring for children of different ages. Students will get to practice caring for babies as they get to provide care for our electronic babies during class this week! We will also learn important first aid guidelines to use when caring for children.
Culinary: Our first lab, Pepperoni Roll Ups, was a huge success! This week, students will get to explore baking fundamentals and make Biscuits from scratch in our 2 Day lab, Wednesday and Thursday.


Food, Family and Finance:This week, we will explore characteristics for creating healthy and strong families. We will also begin our Childcare unit, learning the different age characteristics of children and how to care for them well!
Culinary: Students will take a Safety Test on Tuesday. We will get to have our first cooking lab on Thursday, making Pepperoni Roll Ups! Yum!


Food, Family, and Finance: Students are continuing to learn about the 7 Habits for Success as we continue through our Personal Development/Family Unit. Each student will get to take a personality test in an effort to better understand ourselves and how we work well with those around us!
Culinary: We are continuing to prepare for our first lab, which we hope to be the first week in February! To help us prepare, we will be learning about Safety in the Kitchen, as well as our Lab Guidelines and Expectations. :)


Food, Family and Finance: Students will begin to share their YOU ON THE COVER projects (due Tuesday). We will then begin our Personal Development Unit, and discover the 7 Habits of Success from Sean Covey's  book,The  7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens.
Culinary: Students will get to share their Chef's Hat with other students (due Tuesday). We will then begin exploring Hazards in the kitchen that we need to be aware of and how to stay safe in the kitchen.


Food, Family and Finance: Welcome! As we begin the semester, our first week will be explaining and understanding the class procedures and  expectations, as well as getting an overview of what is to come! Each student will complete a You on the Cover project that is designed to help students to get to know one another. Students will have several days of class to work on this and should be able to complete in the class time provided. If more time is needed to meet the time frame, you may take it home to complete. 
Culinary: Welcome to Investigating Careers in Culinary! We will begin our semester with a class overview, as well as expectations and procedures that are expected each day for each student to be able to be successful. Each student will get to create a Chef's Hat with personal information (Instructions and a rubric will be provided.) Students will get to share their hats with the class so that we can better know you!


Culinary: It is Cupcake Time!! We will be planning and completing the Cupcake Challenge with lab groups this week. Thursday will be our Cupcake Showcase and teachers will be judging each group on their visual presentation! We look forward to seeing them! We will be wrapping up our Culinary semester with a Food Truck Project. It has been a great semester!
Food, Family and Finance: Students will be completing their last lab and making Stir and Drop Sugar Cookies, a great treat for the Holidays! We will conclude the semester by exploring Manners and their importance in everyday life, because Employers (and parents) would agree: Manners DO matter!


Culinary: Chef Projects are due Monday. Students will begin presentations of their Chef Slide Shows. We will have presentations each day. On Thursday, students will get to research and plan a Thanksgiving meal.
Food, Family and Finance: Students will learn about nutrition and healthy eating as we explore the My Plate guidelines. We will complete a Measuring Trail Mix Lab this week and design a Thanksgiving Menu!


Culinary: On Monday, we will be preparing and planning for our Breakfast Tacos on Tuesday. Wednesday through Friday,students will use class time to research a Chef and create a Slide Show to share with the class. These are due Monday, 11/18, when we begin presentations (11/18-11/20).
Food, Family and Finance: We are wrapping up our Finance Unit and beginning our Food Unit. This week, students will learn about Food Safety, as well as  Procedures and Expectations for our Food Labs.


Culinary: This week we are reviewing the terms and methods that we have learned to be able to be a good cook! Students will be taking their Cooking Test on Thursday, 11/7. This will be a major grade so be sure to listen closely as we review each day this week!
Food, Family and Finance: This week we continue to explore how to manage our personal finances. Students will get to play Banzai as they complete real life scenarios. We appreciate A+ Credit Union helping us by providing booklets!

Office Hours: M-F, 9 am-4 pm via Email ( I will do my best to respond within 48 hours)