Gorzycki Families,
Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year. I am excited to start my 5th year as a Gorzycki Tiger! The campus has been active over the summer with many GMS and Bowie camps, and it has been fun having students on campus. The 500 hallway has also been under construction. The culinary classroom will now have multiple cooking stations. I can’t wait to taste all the food.
As part of the Bowie Vertical Team, GMS will participate in additional professional development days for staff like last year. These dates are holidays for students: October 11th, January 7th, and February 14th.
Earlier in the spring, Gorzycki began reviewing and updating policies. The revisions are based on changes to district policy, student interactions on campus, and safety concerns. These policies have been reviewed and approved by the Campus Advisory Council. Below are the changes to previous policies.
Dress Code Guidelines for GMS:
 Hats, hoods, and head coverings are worn for weather protection or religious observances only.
 All undergarments are completely covered and not to be worn as outer garments.
 Torso, front and back, is completely covered.
 See through clothing is accompanied by an opaque undergarment.
 No strapless shirts
 Clothing, jewelry, medallions, patches, or designs on clothing should not reflect or suggest drugs, alcohol, tobacco, profanity, sex (including innuendos), or other distasteful language/gestures, or that create a hostile/intimidating environment.
 Anything deemed disruptive or unsafe are prohibited.
Cellular Phones and Electronic Devices
 Students are permitted to possess a personal cell phone and other accessories; however, these devices must remain turned off and out of sight in the school building, this includes morning in commons and cafeteria.
 Personal electronic devices and accessories may be used for instructional purposes only as approved by the teacher.
 Electronic devices are strictly prohibited in locker rooms or restrooms.
 Devices, including accessories such as air-pods, blue-tooth watches, etc., will be held for 48 hours with a $15 fine for failure to follow policy.
 Repeat offenses may result in the loss of device privileges for the semester.
Due to limited space in the cafeteria, some students will need to eat lunch in the commons on newly purchased cafeteria tables. For safety reasons, lunch visitors will need to eat in designated areas outside of the school building. Gorzcyki understands this may be an inconvenience, however, the safety of our students is a top priority.
GMS appreciates your support and looks forward to having students back on campus.
Cathryn Mitchell, Ph.D.
Gorzycki Principal
2019-2020 Principal's Coffee Dates
Please see the dates below for my Principal Coffee talks for parents beginning at 9 am in the GMS conference room.
The purpose of these meetings is to inform parents and community members of current events, curriculum trends and any topic that is vital pertaining to middle school students.  
The informative event is driven by parents' input and questions.
Coffee will be provided, I would love to see you there!
All dates are subject to change so please check back often for any updated information.
Last update: 02/03/2020