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Update Tuesday 5/26/2020

Hello everyone and Happy Tuesday! I hope all of you enjoyed your Memorial Day Weekend. The final VLO was posted last Wednesday, but I have created one more module for your summer reading assignment. On my Blend page, you will find the information you will need for your summer reading as incoming 8th graders.

Update Monday 5/11/2020

Hello everyone and Happy Monday again! This week in ELA we are going to learn about informational Text Structures. I experimented with Voice Thread to review the slides with y'all, but if it doesn't work, don't sweat it! I also included the slides without Voice Thread, so you should be able to access that if you have any issues. 
I have had a little trouble with my internet lately, so I posted the first VLO a bit late today. Someone from Spectrum is supposed to come out on Wednesday to take a look and work some wifi magic; hopefully, my wifi will be more reliable afterwards! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email me. Stay safe everyone!

Monday 5/4 Update

Happy Monday, everyone! This week in ELA we are going to work on inference and focus on drama, a unit we have not yet learned. As always, the first VLO was posted this morning and the second VLO will be posted on Wednesday. Remember, all assignments are due Friday by midnight (but don't stay up until midnight my little procrastinators). 

Update Monday 4/27/2020

Hello and Happy Monday! This week in ELA we are revisiting our poetry unit! We are going to read "The Caged Bird" by Maya Angelou and discuss its significance and purpose. Before you do that, you will take a quick survey that will let me know how you are doing. Please make sure to follow the directions carefully throughout the VLO, which has been posted to my BLEND page. I plan on making a video update tonight and will definitely post it on this site and will try to post it on my BLEND page.  

4/1/2020 Video Update: Please Watch

I posted this link on my GMS Website also.

3/23/2020 Update: Please Watch

Please watch the video I posted on my website under 3.23.20 Update. Thank you!

TO DO: Your Rough Draft is due Thursday at the beginning of class.

Students have been working on their Expository Rough Draft for a couple of weeks now. The draft is due at the beginning of class tomorrow. We will begin revising and editing their essay during class tomorrow starting with transitions. 

Six Weeks Test

The ELA Six Weeks Test is tomorrow! Students should use their ELA notebook and the study guide that was given to students last Wednesday to prepare for the test. 

Update Monday 9/16/ 2019 - 9/20/2019

Calpurnia Tate Re-Test will be given during EXCEL on Tuesday, September 17th. The test will not be given over the book; instead the APE structure and students' ability to answer open-ended responses will be tested. 

Monday: Finish Presentations/STIR
Tuesday: Reading 6 Weeks Test
Wednesday: Writing 6 Weeks Test
Thursday: SLO
Friday: STIR/ Mini Lesson

TO DO: Continue reading your book outside of class.