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2018-19 School Year
Jan Conroy
Curriculum Support
My Daily Schedule:
Period 1 - Inclusion Support with Mrs. Mazac (Language Arts)
Period 2 - Planning
Period 3 - Inclusion Support with Ms. Mielke (World Cultures)
Period 4 - Inclusion Support with Mrs. Reedy (World Cultures)
Period 5 - Conference 
Period 6 - Basic Study Skills 
Period 7 - Resource World Cultures 
Period 8 - Inclusion Support with Mrs. Soudry (Language Arts) 
E-Mail: janice.conroy@austinisd.org
Conference Period:  12:20 - 1:06
Room:  615
Telephone: (512) 841-8669
Tutoring:  7:55 - 8:15, Monday AM, in Room 615 

 I am a Curriculum Support teacher for 4 teachers throughout the school day.  I assist the following homeroom teachers:
1st Period:     Mrs. Mazac (Language Arts)
3rd Period:     Ms. Mielke (World Cultures)
4th Period:     Mrs. Reedy (Language Arts)
8th Period:     Mrs. Soudry (Language Arts)
Basic Study Skills Class (6th Period)
I also teach a basic study skills class during 6th period.  I do not assignment homework to my study skills students.  We concentrate on organization, communication, completion of homework from their core classes, and social skills.  We have a weekly SEL lesson each Monday to reinforce social/behavioral skills.  A Teaching Assistant and I provide homework assistance, reteach of concepts, and tutoring to our students. I give two (2) weekly grades based on the SEL lesson, proper usage of the GMS Planner, using class time appropriately to complete work, and organization.
Supplies needed for my 6th Period Study Skills Class:
*  a large 3-ring binder (enclosed with a zipper)
*  a 3-holed Homework folder with two pockets
*  subject folders for each core area class
*  a GMS daily planner 
*  a pencil/supply pouch
*  lined notebook paper
*  supplies (pens, pencils, etc.)
******Please note that this 3 Ring Binder is not just for our Study Skills class.  Your child uses this organizational binder all day long in all their classes to store materials, H.W., etc.  
Procedures and Routine in our 6th Period Study Skills Class:
At the beginning of each class throughout the day, students read the agenda on the front boards in all of their classes, and have written down the homework and important due date information in their GMS planner.  Students then arrive at our study skills class in 6th period with all materials and supplies needed to complete the homework and projects assigned earlier in the day.  Staff and I complete a GMS planner check at the beginning of class to make sure students have written down and highlighted all homework/important information.   We then assist students as needed to complete homework, study for assessments, organize materials, set goals, and manage due dates for work completion.  I do not assign any homework to my students.  Students earn their weekly grades based on our Social Emotional Language lesson, organization, using our class time effectively, proper and consistent usage of their GMS planner, homework completion, and participation in class.  
Resource World Cultures Class (7th Period)
 In our 6th grade World Cultures class we will be focusing on map skills, geography, and many fascinating cultures around the world!  We will also support your child's academic success with organizational assistance, clear routines and high expectations.  I give no homework in my class.  All work will be completed by your child during the class period with assistance and reteach by support staff and me.  We have a staff to student ratio of 2:7, so we can provide intensive one on one and small group tutoring and reteach of concepts.  At least two (2) weekly grades will be taken for classwork, projects, quizzes, etc.
Parents:  How can you assist your child?
*  Check your child's GMS planner each night
*  Subscribe to all of your child's teacher's gmstigers.com websites (click on the class period that your child attends - the 2nd area where you can subscribe - not the teacher's homepage)
*  Check each teacher's gmstigers.com websites often to keep up-to-date on what is going on in your child's classes, print out any copies needed, dates of upcoming assessments, and homework/projects assigned
*  Ask your child what went on in their classes that day
*  Monitor that your child keeps their class binders organized, and that they re-stock as needed (lined paper, pencils, pens)
I post the next week's activities for our class each Friday afternoon, so please read the gmstigers.com website weekly to see what we will be doing the next week.  Also, please feel free to contact me, or any of your child's other teachers with questions or concerns regarding their education.   
I look forward to working with you to make the 2018-19 school year your child's most successful year yet!
Jan Conroy


Recent Posts

Happy Holidays to all of you!!

I hope each and every one of you has a safe and wonderful Winter Break with family and friends!  The students come back on Wednesday, January 8th, so I look forward to seeing them refreshed and ready to finish up this school year!
Best wishes,
Jan Conroy

Routines & Procedures

Hello Everyone,
World Cultures (Resource) - Third Period - Students do not have homework.  Students keep their World Cultures 3-ring Binder stored in our classroom and do not need to keep these in their lockers.  All 3-ring binders are set up by students and already in use.
EXCEL/Advisory - Sixth Period and Study Skills - Seventh Period - Students enter quietly, look over their daily entries in their GMS Planner, refer to the Homework Board displayed at the front of the classroom to be sure they wrote all assignments/To Do's down, write down their To Do Plan in their planner and get their planner checked by staff.  Then, students work on assignments, go to tutoring, study for assessments,  check their grades (Tuesdays and Thursdays), and/or organize their binders.  Students should highlight any homework they did not complete during class so they remember to complete it that night as homework.  *  EXCEL students also have SEL lessons on Mondays.

Meeting for Study Skills Parents

Next Thursday, September 12th at 5:00 pm, in Room 815, there will be a meeting by SPED Study Skills teachers for parents to explain the procedures and expectation in our Study Skills classes.   Hope you can make it!
It was great seeing so many parents Tuesday night for Back to School Night! 

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ELA - Fiction Terms
ELA - Homophones
ELA - Literary Devices
ELA - Non Fiction Author's
ELA - Non Fiction
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ELA - Poetry
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ELA - Synonyms
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Math - Algebra Vocabulary
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Math - Box Plots
Math - Equation Formulas
Math - Equations to 
Math - Fractions
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Math - Geometry (3)
Math - Inequalities
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Math - Mean, Median, Mode
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Math - Mixed Numbers
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Math Word Problems
Science - Atoms
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Science - Balanced Chemical Equations
Science - Balanced
Chemical Equations
Science - Counting Atoms in
Science - Counting Atoms in
Chemistry (2)
Science - Density 
 Science - Lab Safety
Science - Newton's Laws
of Motion
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Inorganic Compounds
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Chemical Changes
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