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Welcome to 6th grade English Language Arts

Room Number: 602


Conference Period: 3rd and 4th Period


Tutoring: Students are strongly encouraged to seek help when needed. Tutoring will be offered during Excel. Students must see me in advance to have their agenda stamped to attend tutoring. 


Class Page: Students and parents should subscribe to Mrs. Dahill's CLASS PAGE below.  Subscribing to the CLASS PAGE will provide you with daily updates and handouts.


To Do List: It is expected that students complete each item on the To Do List by the due date posted. If an assignment is listed here, it is work that either was not completed in class and is due the next day, or it is work that has specifically been assigned for completion at home. The To Do List can be found by subscribing to the CLASS PAGE.


Class Notes, Handouts & Resources:  Informational handouts, classroom notes, classroom presentations, and extra copies of assignments can be found in the daily updates on the CLASS PAGE.



Recent Posts

As 6th grade ELA students begin their poetry unit, Mrs. Dahill is looking for volunteers to cut words from magazines.  The words should be the size of a typical headline.  The students will use random words to try to create a poem like the example in the picture.  Thank you so much for your help.  Mrs. Dahill has 135 students.  Each will need about 5 words.  That's a lot of cutting!

YPU Programs Consent (Gorzycki MS Spring 2018) (1)

Phoenix House Information

Please read the attached forms about a wonderful opportunity for our 6th grade students!   Your student came home with a copy of this form as well.

Phoenix House sends wonderful presenters to Gorzycki to introduce healthy living choices for our 6th grade students.  The curriculum has shown a positive effect in our students' decision making.  They learn about peer pressure, handling stress, and other social situations that may challenge them over the next few years.  

The attached forms include an "opt out" form if you'd rather your child not participate.  Those students will go to the library every Monday for the next 8 weeks while the presenters are in the classroom. 

If you have questions, or need further information, please don't hesitate to email or call! 

We are all looking forward to a great series of sessions with these excellent presenters!

Do you love the arts?  Dance?  Art?  Film?  Writing?  Music?  Photography?  Consider entering the PTA Reflections contest.  See Mrs. Dahill for entry forms.
I need your help!
The  next time you are sharing a meal/quiet time with your child, please help our students by telling them stories about when they were little.  Our first major writing unit will be narrative, and you may be able to help them find a good topic.  Tell them about their firsts-tantrums, steps, words.  Tell them about adventures and misadventures they had.  Share with them your clearest memories of them-the good, the bad and the shockers.
Hurray! It's time to go back to school, and it's time to "choose kind." Do you know what book that quote is from? If so, tell me on the first day when you walk into Room 602. I can't wait to meet you all tomorrow.  We're going to have a great year!
I'm sure it comes as no surprise that Mrs. Dahill was reading over Spring Break.  Dsylexia...many of us know someone who is affected by dsylexia.  Ally Nickerson, the main character in this awesome novel, struggles with dsylexia.  You will love reading about Ally, her two best friends Keisha and Albert, and her inspiring teacher Mr. Daniels. By-the-way, if you have dsylexia and reading is challenging for you, the Austin Public Library has an audio version of the book for you to listen to.
Wade told me this was the best book he ever read, so I had to try it.  Yup, it is the best- book- ever.  I felt like I was reading a version of the movie National Treasure.  The main character is Christopher Rowe, a brilliant orphan turned apothecary apprentice.  He has an equally brilliant and kind boss (Mr. Blackthorne), and a hilarious sidekick best friend, Tom.  Tom and Christopher work to solve a cluster of mysterious murders.  All of this is set in 17th century London.  Kevin Sands peppers the book with his knowledge of chemistry, puzzles, botany and old London.  It's an easy and fast read.  Mom and Dad, you'll love it too.  Be forewarned...there is violence.  When you finish the book, please come talk to Mrs. Dahill.  I am very worried about Dr. Parrett and a little bit grossed out by the night soil man.
I hope you all have a restful break.  I am thankful for my wonderful, hard-working students.  I enjoy reading your writing, and I love spending my day with polite and positive kids.
Please help your students be successful in writing class by making sure they have writing utensils and paper.  I am seeing an excessive number of students who have none.
Marie Lu, author of the Legend series, will be at the Book Festival at St. Edwards this weekend!!!  Fun, fun, fun for young adult book lovers.