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Classroom Newsletter 4.6



Please check your e-mails, as I have sent a few resources and tools for Virtual Learning Opportunities (VLOs) for your child!

In the e-mail, I will reference the links that can be found above under "Quick Links".

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me via E-mail or our Class Remind!

BTS Student/Family Campus Visits for SpEd / Friday 8/16!!

Visit Information for Friday, 8/16:
New/Incoming 6th Grade Students: 1pm - 2pm
Returning 7th/8th Grade Students: 2pm - 3pm
Location: Library
Agenda: Parents, please arrive to the front office. SpEd staff will escort the group to the library. On our way, we'll review important areas (like the cafeteria in the morning and bus arrival locations). Once in the library, we'll introduce staff and cover some FAQs. I'll have examples of organization suggestions we like most - like the single binder system. There'll be time for questions while the students are present. Then, staff will pass out student schedules. Students will walk though their schedules with SpEd staff; parents will stay in the library for additional Q&A related to case managers, ARDs, etc. Once students are done walking, staff will take the group back down and out via the front office. 
It's important to note that we're still working on finalizing schedules. Our goal is to have completed schedules for the students on Friday; however, please help me by having a conversation with your student about any of the following details that you feel might help them remain flexible regarding their schedules on Friday.
* As much as we don't want to, sometimes changes are needed after the first day of school. 
* Some of the elective classes students really wanted might not have been possible due to core class (reading/math/etc.) scheduling. This can be disappointing, but we try our hardest to get something the student ranked high/was interested in!
* Schedules may have changed since mail/email went out in the spring. In some cases, aspects of our master schedule changed over the summer and shifted class availability. Additionally, there may have been IEP/ARD decisions that were made in May or over the summer that are reflected in these most recent schedules.
* We can't make any changes to student schedules on Friday, if you have questions or concerns about the schedule, please send me an email.
Please let me know if you have any questions! We look forward to seeing everyone!!

8th Graders!

TOMORROW IS THE EOY 8TH GRADE FIELD TRIP!! Don't forget to pack everything that your kiddo will need for the pool!


Friendly Reminder: You still have the opportunity to purchase yearbooks, just go to balfour.com and type in "Gorzycki". The yearbook teacher will be notified, and will distribute them!


We will be attending the Thinkery Museum on Friday! 
Please be sure to send a lunch to your child, or shoot me an email so that we can order one from the cafeteria!

Office Hours: 
2 pm - 4 pm