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Energy Resource Debate: Google Slides
Link for Google Slides Template:
ONE person from each team will make a copy and share with every team member and me (chloe.hawkinsdecaire@austinisd.org)
Link for Power Plant Pictures:
Copy the slide you need and paste it into your presentation
Energy Resource Debate: Websites for Research
Extra Credit for Energy Resource Debate
For extra credit, you can finish your Energy Resource Mosaic (started before Thanksgiving).
  • Each of the 9 resources (Coal, Oil, Natural Gas, Nuclear, Wind, Geothermal, Solar, Biomass, and Hydropower) have a title, picture, brief description, 1 advantage, and 1 disadvantage
  • Title Shape has your name, class period, a title for the poster, and the definition of energy
The packets with the advantages and disadvantages are in my classroom. You can get one during excel or come into my excel class to work.
Posters will be accepted until 12/17
This is a great video that illustrates convection currents https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mUU69ParFM
Roller Coaster Lab RERUN Sentence Stems