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Room Number: 706
Conference Period: 2nd period (9:20AM-10:00AM)
Tutoring: 6th period Excel and before school by appointment
Scholastic Book Club Class Code: QMGDG


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Study for the TEST over Sentence Types on Thursday, January 23rd.
WHAT to Study:
* Sentence Notes
* Flow Chart
* Sentence Practice Worksheet
HOW to Study:
* Memorize the coordinating conjunctions (FANBOYS)
* Memorize the subordinating conjunctions (AAAWWUBBIS)
* Memorize the structure for each sentence type
* Memorize the flow chart
* Practice labeling and writing each type of sentence
* Make physical flash cards or a Quizlet
* Take turns quizzing a friend on the conjunctions and sentence types
* Look for each type of sentence in your STIR book
* Come to ELA tutoring for extra practice

To Students in my EXCEL Class:

Bring donations for our Service Project!
Our class has signed up to make Care Kits for Helping Hand Home, which is a home for teens in foster care. Please use the link below to sign up to provide an item for the classroom project and bring it to my classroom by THIS FRIDAY, DEC 6th
More info about Helping Hand Home: 
Thank you so much for your help! 

Literary Nonfiction Piece

In class, students are working on a piece of literary nonfiction. Their finished story must include dialogue, sensory details, thoughtshots, effective paragraphing, and both expressive and reflective writing. This is not a homework assignment. However, if they are absent or get behind in class, they may need to work at home or during Excel to finish. We will be turning in the finished products during class on Tuesday, October 22nd.

Photo Retakes

Picture retakes are Tuesday, 10/22 during lunch. If you have your original photo packet, bring it. If you need a new one, go to the office.

If you would like to order a book from one of the Scholastic catalogues, please submit your order by Friday, September 27th. You may order online (classroom code QMDGD) or bring a paper order form and cash or a check made out to Scholastic.